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[Prince of Tennis, pg-13, yaoi, Oishi/Jirou]

Title:  Sand Fiend
Author:  Xiao
Fandom:  Prince of Tennis
Rated:  PG-13
Pairing:  Oishi / Jirou
Disclaimer:  Copyright Shueisa, Konomi, TVTokyo and Tokyopop.
Challenge:  Water  (specifically, beaches...)
Time:  50 min
Credits:  I have been converted to the absolute cuteness of this couple thanks to thanks to velutlunas.  She wrote the god of all Oishi/Jirou fics. X3



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{Prince of Tennis, PG, yaoi, FujiTezu}

Title:  Stationary
Author:  XiaoYin
Fandom:  Prince of Tennis
Type:  yaoi
Challenge:  Letter
Pairing/Characters(for gen):  Fuji/Tezuka
Rating:  PG
Summary:  It's the girly kind of stationary, the scratch and sniff kind, and the I's are dotted with hearts and there's a mention of bondage in there, but Tezuka really doesn't care.  After all, it's a letter from Fuji.
Disclaimer:  Copyright Shueisa, Konomi, TVTokyo and Tokyopop.

The summary kind-of-sort-of says it all.  50 minutes.  First time posting here.  (In Temps_Mort.)  Give the n00b love.

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