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temps_mort's Journal

Temps Mort
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Temps Mort is a French phrase which literally translates to 'death time', but in this context translates to 'can't continue', as will be the case if you go over the allotted time given for the improvs.

Because SasuNaru should be everyone's OTP
The above banner is courtesy of refracting and it's a joke referring to the community's first week wherein there were more Naruto (SasuNaru) fics submitted than any other series.

What the community is for.
The community was created as a sister community to contrelamontre and full credit goes to zarah5 for the wonderful idea. temps_mort however, was created to cater to the anime/manga/videogame fandoms.

Rules have also been reposted for your convenience. Please make sure you read the rules.

Community moderated by mithas and dramatic__.
(dramatic__ will be the one doing all the work and posting weekly challenges.)

Special thanks goes to:
aishuu - For modding the community between January 2004 to August 2005.
psyienna - For modding the community between September 2005 to July 2006.

What are improvisations (improvs)?
It's the kind of thing some of those geeky fanfiction writers do. They meet up on AIM, (not always) manage to agree on a quote or a certain topic and then everyone hurries off because there are only [insert number of your choice here] minutes allowed to write a story on the given topic.

Posting format
The following format will be the standard in posting fanfic to the community.

Subject: [series] Title | characters/pairing (**) | rating

Body header:
Pairing/Characters(for gen): (optional **)
Type: gen / het / m/m / f/f
Rating: G / PG / R / NC-17
Summary: (optional)
Disclaimer: REQUIRED
Notes: (optional)

* Fic body should always be placed behind the cut.
** Putting pairing/characters involved is only optional when you don't want readers to know who the characters involved are until further on in the fic.


Not reading these guidelines doesn't exclude you from following them. The following rules are borrowed from contrelamontre's rules, although heavily edited to better fit how I run this community.

#1: This community is not limited to a certain fandom. It is, however, a yaoi/yuri centered community. Although we do allow the posting of gen and het fiction in the community, do keep in mind that majority of the fiction posted will be yaoi/yuri. Gen and het only readers/writers can join at their own discretion. A more thorough explanation discussing this decision can be found [here].

Visit our other sister communities if anime/manga/videogames isn't your thing:
contrelamontre - slash fanfiction
petitte_soeur - original m/m fiction
ame_soeur - het & gen fanfiction
voleur_de_temps - original het & gen fiction

#2: Every Sunday/Monday, one of the moderators will post one topic, one sentence, a quote, whatever, along with instructions on how much time people are allowed to take for the writing process.

You can write your take on the topic whenever you have the time to sit down and concentrate long enough, but all stories must be posted until the next topic/challenge is posted. More than one entry per topic is allowed.

#3: Any- and everyone is more than welcome to suggest possible topics. If you have suggestions, please post them in reply to the most recent challenge entry.

#4: Stories should follow the posting format for the community. See box above the rules to see posting format.

#5: Feedback is a beautiful thing. You won't be excluded if you don't give any, but I strongly ask you to post at least a short comment in reply to every story you read here. You like getting feedback? So does everyone else.

#6: OT-posts are not allowed.

Everything posted to the community will be included in the [community memories] for better access to older works. Each entry posted will be added to the memories by series.