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05 March 2007 @ 10:07 pm
dishonesty and honesty  
contrelamontre challenge 1: dishonesty

honeyandvinegar would like you to write about dishonesty.

"...lying, cheating-- or even committing a crime? Like it doesn't have to be bank robbery (lest it's wanted!) but it could be something as simple as cheating on a test in school, or STEALING SOMEONE'S STAPLER! :O!"

You have 45 minutes to lie, cheat, and/or steal.

And to balance it out...

Challenge 2: Honesty

This week, write something about the truth! Maybe an investigation goes underway between your favorite characters, or somene discovers the truth behind the lies!

You have 45 minutes.

PS: I am so happy with the recent increase of posts! ♥