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>_< (Utena, het, PG-13

Title: >_< (Couldn’t bear to title it)
Author: solderini
Fandom: Revolutionary Girl Utena
Challenge: Pairings We Hate
Type: Het (implied yaoi/yuri)
Pairing: I refuse to speak its name
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Revolutionary Girl Utena does not belong to me, I am not making any money off of this work of fanfiction, and I hope to any deity that’s listening that this fic does not, in any way, shape or form, reflect the reality of this series.
Notes: 60 minutes or so. I don’t know why I’m so vehement in my hatred for this pairing, seeing as this is the only work I’ve ever found concerning it on the English-speaking web. Still, the very thought of these two together makes my hackles raise. Hence the title.

Written under the influence of the Chocarena, another experiment in two things that should not be together, so beware.


Juri Arisugawa turned her head up to face the sunlight filtering through the windows and closed her eyes. The rose garden really was beautiful when one was alone. The warmth of the sun (even when it rained, the drops somehow never marred the perfect blanket of light), the scent of the roses mixing with the fresh air, the utter silence of the place when Anthy wasn’t puttering about; all three combined to lend a peaceful atmosphere to the place, one that should have soothed Juri’s troubled heart.

Still, there was always the weight of the locket on her breast. She fingered it gently, not opening her eyes. Even if a rose had thorns itself, it could still be pricked.

She heard the door of the garden open and shut. A frown mark creased her brow. The last thing she wanted was that... that girl to walk in and look at her with those eyes that somehow reminded her of Shiori. Whoever it was moved to stand by her side, silent. Anthy would have chattered some worthless greeting and gotten to work by that point, so Juri opened her eyes, curious. What she saw pleased her no more than the sight of the Rose Bride would have.

Saionji turned to look at her after a second’s contemplation of the roses. Juri’s eyes narrowed as they met his. Worthless, weak man.


“Saionji. What do you want?” He smiled as if he knew a secret and bent down to examine the roses once more.

“I was just curious.” He ran his fingers up the stem of a red rose; apparently finding it not to his liking he moved on to a turquoise one. “You left the tournament so suddenly.”

“So you were there?”

“I make it a point to keep tabs on all of my opponents.”

“Is that so.”

He made no response. She watched as he found a perfect turquoise rose and broke it off midway between flower and root.

“So, as I was saying: why did you leave so suddenly, Juri?” Straightening up, he twirled the rose in his fingers, then lifted it to his face. “Was it because she showed up?”

Juri sucked in a breath. That was what she hated the most about Saionji: he acted like an idiot so much of the time she always forgot how observant he could be. He was a master of kendo, after all. Saionji met her eyes and smiled. “Am I correct?”

“Tell me why you’re here, Saionji.” He chuckled then, low and reedy. Juri sincerely wished she had a foil handy, without the tip guard if possible.

“Isn’t it obvious? I’m offering you a way out.” He held the flower out to her. “You don’t need to spend your whole life gazing at one flower when there are so many in the garden.”

Juri stared at him for a moment. Then she burst out laughing.

“What? What’s so funny?” Saionji’s spoiled-child pout made her laugh even harder, and it was several minutes before Juri had herself under control again.

“Wi-With you?” She choked down a chortle. “You really think I’d go for you?” It was too much. Juri started laughing again.

Saionji crossed his arms over his chest and turned away, still pouting. “I don’t see why you’re laughing. Surely there are worse people than myself to move on to?”

Juri managed to calm herself enough to say, “Like who? Anthy? Touga?” The sudden tensing of his shoulders told Juri she’d hit a nerve. She pressed on. “Well, I guess it makes sense that the only people you’d fall for would be the only people lower on the list than you.”

His face twisted into a nasty frown, Saionji stomped out of the garden, slamming the door behind him. Juri had a few more snickers at his expense, then rubbed her chin thoughtfully. “Still,” she said, “if it’s just sex, he is pretty attractive... and if the rumors I’ve heard are true... well, maybe.” She smiled. For the first time ever, Saionji had managed to brighten her day.


Saionji flopped down onto his bed in a huff, not caring that his hair was getting the blankets wet. Damn that woman! He punched his pillow. Even a hard workout in the kendo room and a cold shower hadn’t calmed his irritation.

He folded his arms behind his head and glared at the ceiling. Not like she was particularly high on the list either. Who’d want to date a frigid bitch? Not him, that was sure. He’d only wanted sex anyway. Yeah, that was it. So she was hot. So what? He could do without it. He’d wait until he got Anthy back, and then he’d have all the sex he wanted, and it would be with someone he loved, not some two-bit manwhore or nutcracker.

A knock at his door jolted him out of his sulk. He debated whether or not to just yell at them to go away, but in the end he figured it wouldn’t hurt to at least see who it was. He pushed himself off the bed and shrugged his bedrobe on, then made his way to the door and opened it.

“Hello, Saionji,” Juri said from just outside his doorway. “I’ve reconsidered. If it’s not too late I’d like to take you up on your offer.” Saionji paused for a second, then grinned slowly, opening the door wider and stepping to the side.

“I knew you would.” Juri stepped inside, and he shut the door, anticipating the first of many nights of pleasure.

Dawn found Saionji alone and miserable, limping slowly to his private bath. He cursed on every other step, wondering what drug he’d been on the previous day that had him thinking that sex with Juri would be a good idea.

“Damn it,” he muttered. “If she had to use a strap-on, she could’ve at least used lube.”

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