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One Piece (AU) - Luffy-->Zoro - PG - Partners (Injuries Challenge)

Title: Partners
Author: Makoto (etched_n_memory)
Fandom: One Piece (AU)
Pairing: Luffy-->Zoro
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own One Piece, no, but I do kind of own this AU of it (along with teh fabulous nest). Still, all characters and likenesses belong to Eiichiro Oda, who I worship. A lot. Love to you, Odachi! *gomu gomu no SQUEEZE*
Challenge: Injuries
Notes: Dedicated, of course, to my partner-in-AU-crime, nest. *hugs!* I know I said I would draw something, but I went to go check the writing prompt before I went to go oekaki, and I saw this prompt and my plans kinda changed. ^^;; Sorry. *snugs*

Uh, and the cut-text doesn't have anything to do with the story. I just really like that song. o_O

(x-posted to etched_n_memory)

"Thanks for catching me."

You're asleep, but the words still leave my mouth. I'm talking to you, but you can't hear. It's best that way, probably. You seem so reserved about what you'll say and who you'll say it to, that I never know what kind of answer to expect out of you.

It's fun not to always know what's about to happen.

"If you hadn't... I don't know what I would have done."

Look before you leap, right? But I did look. I just jumped, anyway.

What else was I supposed to do? She was falling.

"Oh well." Now I'm just talking to talk. And I'm feeling you. Just with my hands, over your chest. You're so strong. And I wonder about that scar, but I won't ask. You're reserved about that, too. You seem so secretive. We're partners, right? So you'll tell me when you're ready.

Just like showing me your face. When you're ready, you will.

I wanna see your eyes. I bet they're pretty.

"You got hurt." Just stating the obvious. You know that already. There's little marks all over you, from the shattering glass and flying debris. There's a tiny cut across your cheek. I remember watching her wrap you up. I was gonna help, but she wouldn't let me. Said I was gonna make it worse when I tried. Oh well.

The first thing you worried about when you woke up in that little room was whether or not we had taken off your mask.

I look up at it. It's so...


I could take it off if I wanted to. Right now. Would you wake up?

Would you be mad?

But I wanna see your eyes...

I won't. 'Cause I respect you. I could, but I won't.

Lying my head back down on your chest, I think. I can hear your heartbeat. You smell good. Like... like alcohol and cinnamon. And I wonder if Ace will be worried when he wakes up and I'm not there. Maybe I should go home.

But you're so warm, and I feel so safe, and I feel so right.

You got hurt, for me. You protected me.

We're partners, right? So I would do the same for you.

And you were trying to tell me you were okay. That was so stupid! But you're so proud. I noticed that about you almost first thing.

After I noticed how strong you look. Even when you're hurt, you look strong. Maybe because you're proud. And it doesn't make sense, but maybe that's why you're so intriguing. You're such a mystery.

I like that.

I like you.

It's still raining outside. Between the rain pattering on the roof, and your heartbeat, and my breath, it's like a perfect melody.

My hand pushes under your shirt and your heartbeat increases suddenly. Are you awake? I wait for a minute, but you don't say anything. You're not moving at all, except for your chest, rising and falling, ragged, breathless. I can't tell.

And then I'm pushing up your shirt, so I can see the blood-soaked bandages for myself. If you were awake and I knew how and I thought you would let me, I'd change them, but I know you wouldn't want me to. If you were awake, you probably wouldn't like me touching you like this.

But, you're not awake. And then I think, even though you're hurt so bad, you still weren't acting any different. Maybe I haven't known you too long, like you said, but I feel like I've known you forever.

And then you do stuff that makes me think that I might be completely wrong about you.

Like when you pulled me close with your arm around my waist.

I liked that.

I dunno what that was supposed to mean, though. Do you like me, too? But you seem so grouchy.

I almost wanna wake you up and ask.

Or maybe I'll leave before the sun rises.

I can be mysterious, too, you know.

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