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Saiyuki: Engagement by Louise Lux, G, Hakkai/Gojyo

For the temps_mort challenge: 30 mins to write a story about an announcement. *mops brow*

Title:  Engagement
Author: Louise Lux
Fandom: Saiyuki
Pairing: Hakkai/Gojyo
Rating: G

It had been a long time coming, thought Genjo Sanzo, gazing reflectively at the array of sake bottles lined up at Hakkai's elbow.

'We were wrong,' he said. 'It seems Hakkai can get drunk.'

Gojyo was too busy to reply.

'Huh?' Goku said.

'Well, why else would he want to kiss that moron?'

He was hardly able to keep the smile from biting into the corners of his mouth at the pathetic shock on Gojyo's face. Only an idiot would've not expected something like this to happen. The surprise was that Hakkai had been so public about it.  Sanzo looked some more, enjoying the moment to its full.

'Hakkai… ' Gojyo said slowly. His hand rose to his mouth, fingers curling there forgotten as he stared upwards. 

But Hakkai was backing away, saying, 'Sorry, I'm sorry, please forgive me,' had turned and was walking quickly to the door that led to the stairs. He shut it behind him, not looking back.

'I didn't know you guys did things like that,' Goku was saying between mouthfuls. Surprise had made him pause for a few moments in his eating but now he was back on track, a curiously wise stupid monkey, his wide eyes flicking from Gojyo to Sanzo to the door as he chewed.

'What? We don't' Gojyo said, vaguely, still staring.

Laughter, as uninvited and as unexpected as the kiss that Hakkai had placed reverently on Gojyo's lips, leaning right across the table and spilling sake and beer and Goku's orange juice,  rose up in Sanzo's throat and for once he let it out. It rang around the inn's small dining room, making the other few diners turn and stare. Once begun, he couldn't seem to stop and was soon helpless with it, tears leaking from his eyes and his stomach aching. His beer, which Hakkai had so carelessly shoved aside, dripped from the edge of the table onto his lap.

He was aware that Goku was staring at him, bits of rice dropping unheeded out of his mouth.

'Of all the times for Droopy-Eyes to lose it,' Gojyo muttered, standing up so his chair squeaked across the wooden boards.

His face didn't look as funny as before. Shock had gone, replaced by something Sanzo was less able to ridicule-- Gojyo looked like he'd woken up.
Tags: *type: m/m, [animanga] saiyuki, author: louiselux

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