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Messenger (Gohou Drug, G)

Title: Messenger
Fandom: Gohou Drug
Pairing/Characters: Kazahaya & Rikou
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Gohou Drug and its characters are not mine.
Notes: 81 minutes + spellcheck, unfinished + rough. Unwanted Valentine.

Rikou stood over Kazahaya's bed and watched his fists clench against the pillow, his mouth twist as he muttered loudly - mostly incomprehensible words but familiar ones. Always the same thing. How noisy could a person get in their sleep and not wake up, anyway?

He dropped the clock on Kakahaya and turned around, ducking at the appropriate moment and ignoring the protests that followed him. Awake or asleep, Kazahaya was just plain noisy. He stopped in the doorway. "You forget to set the alarm. It's after midnight, and you have a job." Rikou left to renewed shouting.

Three minutes later, Kazahaya tumbled out of the room, messenger bag slung across one shoulder and a grin on his face, his eyes still hazy with sleep. Rikou leaned back on his elbows and stared across the kitchen table, not bothering to return the casual farewell. The door had already closed, anyway.


It occurred to Kazahaya as he slid the window open, catching sight of his pale skin and white shirt on the latch, that he wasn't exactly the most inconspicuous burglar ever, but it was too late now, and the house was empty. The owner had passed away, Kakei had said, and her relatives hadn't gotten around to sorting through her things yet.

Everything was bright and ghostly in the moonlight, but instead of feeling airy and ephemeral as a result, the atmosphere was close and heavy. He'd closed the window behind him, and even the quiet sounds of the night were cut off. He slipped out of his shoes and padded forward, half expecting a real ghost to appear at any moment. He held his hand over his mouth at the thought. But if it were really dangerous, Rikou would have come too. Of course, he had a way of showing up where he wasn't supposed to be anyway. Kazahaya looked over his shoulder suspiciously. No one there. He stopped, watching the branches sway outside the window, and then came back to himself.

"Um... where would it be?" The house didn't answer. There was nothing in the drawers of the desk. He sat back on his heels, rubbing his arms. It was cold here, uninhabited and unheated.

He went through the closets and and old trunk, feeling like a real thief, and finally found it in a cabinet in the kitchen of all places, a heavy box packed with paper. He knew just from touching the outside of the box that this was right. Feelings lingered as though fingers had passed over its surface many times, remembering the contents through the brief contact. Subdued, Kazahaya brought it to the table.

Inside was a stack of papers, dusty cards and faded paper hearts, thick letters folded in on themselves, opened and closed so many times they accepted either position easily. Kazahaya shifted over them, picking them up one by one and making a loose pile on the table. An unwanted valentine, Kakei had said, which didn't give him much to go on. The feelings in the paper were as much mixed up with the sender, maybe even more, than the receiver. He narrowed his eyes and concentrated, shifting his fingers through hundreds of moments in time. It all began to run together, the woman's strong feelings, the man's, the time that passed between them brought down to moments under his hands, but it felt like forever.

He almost missed it. He wasn't sure what he'd been expecting. It was just a little card, maybe not white but pale, washed out in the moonlight, and he had to squint to see the silvery writing scrawled across it.

This. She hadn't wanted this paper, because it was the last. It had felt like forever, but it wasn't. He folded his fingers over the brittle edge, feeling her regret wash over him, the opportunities she'd missed, her memories of the others echoing with his own recent impressions of the same messages. She'd died alone here...

A drop splashed on the card, and he dashed at it with the side of his hand, then covered it with his thumb before slipping it into his bag and gathering the other notes and papers into a neat stack. There were papers still in the box, but he didn't bother with them. The one's he'd examined dropped from his hands gently back in the box as though they were glad to be coming to rest there.


The door chimed, and Kazahaya walked past with his usual overdone scowl, too obviously not looking at Rikou, who smirked as he stocked the upper shelves. He was dirty and a little scraped across one cheek. Rikou stared after him, shaking his head.

But when Kazahaya came out of the office later, he seemed a bit lighter. He walked up to Rikou with his hands laced together behind his back, grinning. "How's that? I did it all on my own this time."

Rikou shrugged. "All you had to do was bring back some paper. And you still came back looking rough."

Kazahaya'd gotten fixed up in the office with someone's clean shirt and a bandage on his cheek. That would have been interesting to see. He mumbled something, tugging the strings of his apron tight.

"What was that?"

"One of the neighbors - I got chased by a dog! What's that look?"

"You really are like a cat..."

"Shut up with that!"

Rikou shrugged and went back to work. There was a little pause, and then something flashed at the corner of his eye; he jerked his head to the side and caught it, glaring at Kazahaya. He really was predictable, but there was something different about his angry face this time.

"You like that kind of thing, right?" Kazahaya said. Rikou opened his hand. In his palm was a little chocolate heart, wrapped in pink foil. He stared at Kazahaya, who rocked onto his toes defensively.

"What are you looking at?"

"It's Valentine's day, you know."

Kazahaya shook his head furiously, clenching his fists. "Are you calling me stupid? Of course I know that!" Rikou continued to stare at him and he looked away. "It was extra for completing the job, they said, but I don't like it, so..." his cheeks colored, as he raised a hand to his mouth... remembering that time? The chocolate was warm and a little flatted from his hand or his pocket, wherever he'd kept it. Rikou sighed.

"I already have all that." He jerked his thumb back to a tower of red and pink and white chocolate boxes and fuzzy teddy bears.

"What? No way! That's stupid! It's only 9:30! I thought that was a display!"

"Why would there be a display there?"

"Shut up! And be a little more grateful!" Kazahaya yanked the box, not moving it much closer, and bent down, apparently willing to focus on work for once. Candy caught between his fingers, Rikou dropped his arm, stopping just short of rapping Kazahaya on the back of his head with his knuckles. Grateful? At the last second he stopped and brought his hand back up, curling his fingers around the heart.

"Stupid," he said, and Kazahaya jerked up, scowling at him from behind a much-too-large armful of boxes.

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