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The Unwanted Plaything (Revolutionary Girl Utena, NC-17, yaoi, Akio/Saionji)

Title: The Unwanted Plaything
Author: 2tiffanyway
Fandom: Revolutionary Girl Utena
Type: yaoi
Pairing: Akio/Saionji
Rating: NC-17 for rough boysex, language
Challenge: Unwanted Valentine. Finished in 50 minutes.
Summary: Saionji attempts to surprise Akio. Even when he's getting his way he's unhappy.
Disclaimer: I do not own the Utena story or characters. No harm meant.
Notes: I started writing dialogue before I picked the pairing. I've never written either character before, so please let me know if you think their OOC. Also, the imagery I tried to evoke is very raw because I think that's how Saionji is, just very rough edges with no subtlety. Except for silky panties. Another also, the ending is very abrupt, but that's me; I suck at endings.

Akio gazed out the window of his small, on campus apartment. He was most interested in what the purple haired girl and the pink haired girl were doing. This was his sister and her friend and fiancee Utena Tenjo.

A small clearing of the throat turned his attention back to the room he was standing in and he turned to see Kyoichi Saionji wearing his typically crisp school uniform with a green rose pinned to the lapel.

"It's Valentine's Day," Saionji said swirling his toe on the ground and looking all sheepish, somewhat out of character for the fiery duelist.

Oh sweet merciful Jesus, Akio thought. His playthings were getting far too attached. He'd have to have them duel Utena again in the hopes that she'd spear more than just their roses. "What of it?" he asked in a dangerously bored tone.

"I brought you something," replied his sometimes lover with fervent passion.

Akio looked back towards the window and out to where Utena was lounging on the grass with his sister. They looked so lovely together. That would be his Valentine, seeing these two girls growing in affection. Anthy was so close now to achieving their goal. Only a bit longer and they could unlock the power. He almost had Utena where he wanted her. It would only be a matter of time before she became one of his bedroom playfellows, another toy to discard once he grew bored.

His toys: a collection of bright and brilliant students that he pocketed and bedded one by one.

If he had thought Touga Kiryuu was a handful at first, he considered it a poor judgment. That boy was nothing compared to the one standing behind him, starting to grow impatient.

Ignoring Saionji wouldn't work for long; he knew that by now. That boy would demand his attention soon enough either through violence or passion, his two favorite things.

Akio turned to face Saionji who had since discarded most of his clothing in favor of silky looking underwear. He wasn't acting sheepish anymore. Dangling from his left fist was a pair of handcuffs and from his right, a blindfold. Sticking out from between his teeth was a tube of lube.

Akio's eyes grew wide and his mouth dropped only, just enough to draw a smile from Saionji's poker straight visage.

"I'm busy," Akio said after a moment's silence. "Come back later."

Saionji raised a single eyebrow. "You don't have a say in the matter," he said matter-of-factly. "We can do this two ways. You can be a good little boy and take your clothes off or I can be a fucking prick and rape your ass. Literally," he continued in a dark and threatening tone.

This was much more like the Kyoichi Akio knew. Akio took a deep breath then sighed heavily. The easiest way to put Saionji off was to let him think he was getting his way. He started to disrobe, dropping his clothes off his thin frame and leaving them in a pile on the floor.

He stepped over to the bed and sat, watching Saionji beam at how complicit he was being. So well behaved. It was only when the younger boy attempted to handcuff his lover that Akio struggled.

He was strong, perhaps even stronger than Saionji, but he'd been ill recently fighting a flu he'd inherited from one of his other toys. He was still very weakened and he just didn't have it in him to fight Saionji very long.

Now that Akio was handcuffed, face down to his own bed, Saionji went to work. First he blindfolded his lover so that he wouldn't even be tempted to look. All of his other senses would be heightened, particularly his sense of touch. Kyoichi knew this because of his late night training with Touga that had started with the blade and had led to so much more.

He started by rubbing the tension out of Akio's back. His muscles were so tense and Saionji wasn't sure if it was because of his recent illness or because of all the stress going around the school. He warmed some lube in his hands by rubbing them together quickly and applied the gel to the smooth back beneath him. He worked his fingers over all the muscles that had knots and some that didn't.

Despite himself, Akio was moaning. Whether or not he wanted a back rub from Saionji didn't matter as much as simply getting a massage. It was what he needed.

Saionji was rubbing little circles lower and lower. His fingers crossed from back to butt and he squeezed gently. There wasn't very much butt to hold on to, but he loved the feeling anyway. He started kissing the nape of Akio's neck while he kneaded his flesh, making a little trail all over his shoulders and slowly working his way down, just as he had with his hands.

Feeling that Akio was finally relaxed enough he pulled off his silky underthings. He let his erection rub on Akio's ass and felt the man squirm under the strange sensation. The skin was so soft and covered in a thin sheen of lubricant. He couldn't wait to penetrate that beautiful ass any longer and he jerked his cock into that tight place with relish.

Akio groaned this time, having never before given his lovers this much liberty. He wouldn't even be in this position if Saionji would just take a fucking hint, he thought angrily.

The younger boy pushed deeper and farther until he was buried to the hilt in Akio's body. What a perfect sheath for his sword, he thought. He ground his hips into Akio's ass and savored the feeling of his balls slapping against his lover's thighs.

This was more his Valentine's gift than it was Akio's.

He started to get more violent in his thrusts, knowing that this would be the last time he would ever have Akio tied up and all to himself. He was going to enjoy this how he wanted to, which was rough and raw and very in control.

Akio panted below him and didn't bother to bite back the diatribe of words he'd been thinking. "You fucking bastard, you know once you let me go you're in for a long night. I'm going to beat the shit out of you and then I'm going to fuck your ass so hard you'll bleed."

Saionji smiled smugly even though Akio couldn't see it. "I was so hoping you'd say something to that effect darling."

Akio couldn't have known that Saionji had thought of this possibility. He couldn't have known that this boy had some drugs on hand that could be dissolved in tap water, colorless, odorless, and undetectable. He wouldn't know until the next morning that the water he innocently sipped after their exertions, to replenish his throat parched and hoarse from all that screaming and moaning, had been drugged in order to provide Saionji with enough time to escape. He wouldn't come again until Akio's temper had cooled off.

But in the moment of saying so, Akio knew none of these things. He let the words slip by as Saionji grew more and more brutal. He knew that simply remaining silent wouldn't stop this vicious assault on his ass and for some reason it just felt better to let all the anger come from his mouth and not his struggling body.

When he finally quieted Saionji started kissing the back of his neck again. "That's my good boy," he said fondly.

He started to slow down his thrusts and even caressed Akio's arms and hips with loving remorse for being so rough with him. "You'll thank me next time you see me," Saionji said gently. "Someone had to break you in. A fine stallion like you shouldn't be running alone in the wild. You just needed someone who could withstand all the bucking."

"Fuck you," Akio spat quietly.

"Fuck you, actually."

Saionji sighed into Akio's back. All this talk had ruined the orgasm he was building to. There would be no release today. He pulled his cock out of its hiding place and wiped himself on Akio's sweat soaked sheets. He sat next to Akio for a long time before he decided to dress and uncuff his partner.

What had started out as a decent idea in Saionji's mind had been spoiled by Akio's litany of harsh words. This was decidedly a wash for both of them. A waste of pink paper and red hearts.

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