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Tales of Symphonia

Title: Poster Projects
Author: Paochuu chibichaossama
Fandom: Tales of Symphonia
Type: Subtle Shounen Ai
Pairing/Characters(for gen): Lloyd, Genis, breif Colette
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I don't own TOS. It was created by the Namco Tales studio. I don't work there.
Notes: It's my first contribution. I'm kind of afraid... ^^;;

"And so, for the project we have to make posters." Genis concluded, coloring in a very large letter W with a red magic marker. He paused and looked up thoughtfully before turning his attention back to the poster. A small distance behind him, Lloyd sat backwards in a chair, peering over the elf's shoulder. "Colette will be by later," Genis said without looking up. "Since she's in our project group."

Lloyd watched the words slowly get colored, rocking the chair on it's heels to get Genis's attention. (Even if he didn't have anything to say, it wasn't fair that Genis was paying more attention to the poster than HIM!) He racked his mind for something to say, before finally coming upon something. "Hey Genis. Did you ever think that maybe Professor Raine is doing it on purpose? I mean, always putting You and me and Colette in the same group, since we're friends..."

Genis rolled his eyes, dutifully coloring an underline. "You mean "You, Colette and I," and are you just catching on?" Lloyd nodded. "You stupid or something? Well, in any case, it's because I told her I'd help you study. Since I know you, I know more specifics about how you should be taught." Genis nodded to himself.

"... Hey Genis," The brunette spoke again. Genis gave a half frustrated sigh, but looked up, meeting Lloyd's eyes. "Can we super glue stuff to the poster?"

An odd look from the elf. "You're so easily amused, Lloyd. It's just strong glue. I swear, anything with super infront of it's name is your new favorite toy." He shrugged and shook his head. "I don't know why I bother with you."

"... Because of my charming good looks?"

"Yes, of course Lloyd." Genis flicked his forehead, then turned back to his poster. "Because of your charming good looks." Genis worked in silence for what seemed like forever to Lloyd, as the brunette sulked. He moved, lying on Raine's bed and staring at the ceiling. More silence. More sulking.

Lloyd nudged the footboard of the bed with his foot, listening to the creaking sound. It was an annoying noise, but it filled the silence. He stopped when amethyst eyes settled on him, narrowed and accompanied by a vague growl from Genis' mouth. He sighed and stopped, kicking off his shoes when the glare continued. He spent a few more moments in silence before getting bored again, and picking lint off the blanket and throwing it at Genis.

He could practically see the vein twitching as Genis refrained from yelling at him. The hand holding down the poster to the desk was clenched tight, and his eyes were narrowed in a glare made for Lloyd, but piercing the poster. Lloyd watched him lean closer and closer the desk surface with every lint-ball, but didn't stop. He sat up and watched idly as Genis finally snapped. He watched the marker fly through the air, and then watched the ceiling get farther away and felt the ground get closer.

He'd let himself fall, admittedly, and sat up, putting on a pouting face. "Genis, why are you so mean?" Without missing a beat Genis replied;

"Because you're annoying." And resumed working on the poster. Or tried to. He slowly turned to face Lloyd, the brunette now occupied by entertainment: Toying with a magic-marker. "Lloyd, I need that." He held out his hand. Not that Lloyd could reach from there, but he expected it to be tossed.

Lloyd stuck his tongue out. He was too content with Genis' attention to give it back so easily. Genis would just look back at that stupid poster. They already knew he was a genius, heck, his name was almost genius, so why did he always have to do so well on the projects? He should be playing instead, like all the other kids his age!

"Well, Lloyd?" Genis opened and closed his hand for emphasis. Lloyd just shrugged and tossed the marker in the air, caught it, and did it again. The elf frowned and got up. "You're so much more trouble than you're worth," He said. He sat on the side of Raine's bed, next to Lloyd's knees and leaned back, closing his eyes.

"Gonna stop ignoring me?" Lloyd asked, still half-sulking. It was hard to sulk while drawing on your hand. Squiggles. It tickled. Genis nodded, head brushing against Lloyd's knees.

"You're so stubborn Lloyd. You always get what you want. But I guess we can work on it when Colette gets here. Spoiled brat." Lloyd nodded, almost proud of his title. "I guess that's why I like you, though." Lloyd nodded again, and Genis mumbled something before yawning.

To keep him from falling asleep, Lloyd poked him. So as not to be outdone, Genis poked back. A poke war ensued, and lasted for quite a while. It stopped at an all too awkward moment, as Colette opened the door only to find Genis lying on top of Lloyd, both of their hair messy and clothes rumpled up, Genis' over-shirt had somehow come off and the magic-marker had rolled under the bed.. Needless to say, no one knew how Genis' over shirt had come off, and they never spoke of the event again.


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