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Unorthodox [PoT, Sanada, Yanagi, Sengoku] | G

Title: Unorthodox
Author: muzivitch
Series: Prince of Tennis
Pairings: Perhaps a teeny tiny hint of YanaSen, but they're really just playing with Sanada
Summary: This could not be legal
Length: 378 words
Time: 20 minutes

“Renji.” The voice of Rikkai Dai Fuzoku’s fukubuchou was lower, deeper, and more intense than was normal, and as Yanagi Renji glanced over, he could see that the knuckles of Sanada’s hands were white where the clenched on his shirt. His lips twitched in just the faintest hint of a smile.

“Yes, Genichirou?” he murmured, and his own voice was a quietly bland murmur.

“Are you sure this is allowed?” Sanada asked. His eyes were narrow on the court where Akaya was battling a Yamabuki player – one that wasn’t quite up to their junior’s level, but who was disturbing nonetheless.

This was the third time Sanada Genichirou had asked Yanagi Renji this very question. Not that Yanagi was particularly keeping count.

“I assure you, Genichirou,” Renji said, “I have checked the rulebooks thoroughly, and while this is an unorthodox situation, it is in no way illegal.”

“Hmph.” Sanada glared under the brim of his black baseball cap as Akaya’s opponent, Sengoku, executed a neat serve – one that seemed perfectly normal, but managed to soar right past their junior. “If you say so, I suppose it must be true.”

“Quite,” Renji replied. “Have you ever known me to be wrong?”

The answer, naturally, was no, and so Sanada Genichirou didn’t bother to answer; he merely watched the rest of the match in sullen, disbelieving silence until Akaya at last managed to pull off his win. He would have to make sure the little imp improved his concentration, he thought later. Kirihara was allowing himself to be distracted, Sanada mused. That wouldn’t do. It could become a weakness.

Sanada blissfully distracted himself with plans of Akaya’s new training regimen until the match ended and the pixyish redhead from Yamabuki exuberantly bounced over to where Rikkai was gathered.

“Yanagi-kun!” he heard in a bright and light voice. “I was disappointed. I was hoping I’d get to play you.”

“It is a shame,” Sanada heard Renji reply, and he turned his head to stare at his best friend, his expression openly flabbergasted.

“Perhaps,” Renji continued, and Sanada could swear he was smiling, “next time luck will be on our side, Kiyoko-chan.”

Kiyoko-chan, Sanada thought. He shook his head slightly as he walked away.

This day was just getting more and more surreal.

Ah, fukubuchou torture. *basks*
Tags: *type: gen, [animanga] prince of tennis, author: midorinomizu

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