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Title: Gifts and Friends
Author: thisistony
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Naruto/Sasuke
Rating: G-PG (maybe some language~)
Challenge: Giftfic for kooriyoukai
Disclaimer:I only wish I owned them, then I could give them to Mari~
Summary: Naruto has something for everyone, even if they don't want it.
Notes: This is because Mari is the best corrupting and corrupted Nee-chan in the world. *huggles*

Gifts and Friends

Naruto, the springy happy guy that he was, was, for once, or maybe for a hundredth, but who was counting, really? Anyways, was, for once, unhappy and pouting. Not that anyone could see that behind the obnoxious face filled with too much holiday cheer. In his excitement at finally being accepted, somewhat at least, he has splurged and bought presents for all eight of the other ninjas in training to become genin that year. He had happily spent his morning traipsing all over the village delivering gifts to his various friends and well, Kiba and Shino.

Not to say that they were bad guys, just that, well, Shino was a little creepy with all of the bugs living inside of him and Kiba just didn't know who was better than who between the two of them and couldn't keep him mouth shut. Not that Naruto was really one to talk about being quiet either. The second to last stop on his morning trounce lead him to the Yamanaka flower shop, where both Ino and Sakura were helping out Ino's parents in selling flowers to all of the last minute decorators of the village.

More than anything Naruto liked getting things. His head band that proclaimed him as a ninja, the respect of his friends, the victory over a rival, but there was something else that made him feel just as good as pounding Kiba's face into the ground and that was giving gifts to people. Well, okay, he didn't like to give things to people, it was pretty straining on his wallet. It was rather that he liked people's reactions when he got the things that he spent a long time and a great deal of effort picking out just for them. Shikamaru's cloud gazing blanket, Ino's purple hair tie with a white and red fan pattern, Chouji's certificate for an all-you-could-eat meal of barbecue, they were just things that made his friends so happy, that he was proud and happy himself.

So maybe pranks were more entertaining, and perhaps slacking off and sleeping all day were easier, but if there was one thing he'd learned in his three man team it was that Sasuke is a jerk having the people around you be happy, made you happy as well. But that was just what he'd been doing earlier this morning.

After his trip to the flower shop, which he left with a few scattered petals in his hair because Ino had been so happy she's thrown the bunch of flowers she'd been sorting right at him, he had only one gift left to give. The only problem with giving this gift was, the recipient was, shall we say, a jerk hard to give things to, and much too dependant to ever accept something as a gift in good faith. Sure, so several of the things Naruto had given to Sasuke in the past had turned on him with rather ill favor, but this time he was genuinely just giving something nice to his friend. Though, he'd never admit to buying this particular item for him if asked.

So far, in his traversing, he hadn't spotted the Uchiha once in the entire village. Thinking that maybe he was training somewhere in the surrounding forests, Naruto had asked Neji, he was in the area anyways, giving Rock Lee a gift as well, even though he had become a genin the year before, to spy with his Byakugan all of the nearby training areas for the stoic boy. Unfortunately, the Byakugan has a range limit that obviously didn't include Sasuke's current whereabouts.

Naruto's luck had improved, however, when he was leaving lazy-bum's Shikamaru's house. There had been Sasuke, walking out of a store that sold various different kunai and specialized in making ones that could store and release poisons, not a pleasent thing in the hands of his greatest rival. Naruto had immediately jumped at the chance to give Sasuke his gift so that he wouldn't have to carry the thing around with him all day and risk breaking it. Sasuke had been standoffish and rude from the first word, though Naruto hadn't expected anything else from his friend and companion rival.

Sasuke had pushed the wrapped package back into Naruto's hands saying that he didn't need anymore junk cluttering up his life. The words that were meant to hurt just rolled right over Naruto's shoulders. He knew by now that that was just Sasuke's own special way of saying that he loved him cared. But Naruto wasn't going to give up so easily and glomped his rival after he had barely a chance to turn back in the direction of his home.

"Take it with you, I'm not going to haul it around all day and break it just because your ego is bigger than the whole village."

"If you break it, dobe, it's only your own fault for buying some stupid breakable, useless thing for a ninja."

With a sharp shrug, Sasuke had thrown Naruto back. In the short time it took Naruto to get back to his feet, he had once again disappeared into the village. With an inaudible grumble, Naruto continued on his way, carefully checking to make sure that Sasuke hadn't made him break his own gift.

Naruto had then, bypassed his next stop, which was the flower shop to give Ino her hair tie, to snag a few pieces of sweetbun from the bakery to slip in with Sakura's other gift, a pink, sakura-patterned headband, so that her forhead protector could actually protect her forhead when they were out on missions. While purchasing the sweetbuns, Naruto's day was made easier again when Chouji entered the store to buy a few choice pieces for his family to eat after dinner that night and, of course, to snack on on the way home.

Naruto had gleefully produced the meal certificate and handed it over, all of the while, talking loudly about how Chouji should feel special that Naruto had taken the time and effort to not only think of something to get him, but to actually get it! Once that task was complete it had been onto the flower shop, which he was just now leaving, trying in vain to brush the red and purple petals out of his hair.

Now, finally at the last of his list of "things to do today" Naruto headed on to Sasuke's house where, if all else failed, he would just leave the gift and hope it didn't get thrown away. Naruto skipped every second step up to Sasuke's door and rapped loud enough for Ino and Sakura to hear him back at the flower shop.

"Sasuke, oh, Sasuke, I know you're in there, open the door!"

He put an annoying waving emphasis on the word "door", hoping that he could annoy Sasuke out of the hole he'd stuck his head in.

"Oi, dobe, move, you're blocking my door."

Sasuke's voice came from just behind Naruto, though, do to his super special ninja training to become Hokage, Naruto, thankfully, didn't jump in startlement. Sasuke then pushed his way past Naruto and opened the door into his house, closing it right behind himself, but not locking it.

Naruto, more than a little miffed, pushed open the door and yelled into the house, not wanting to take off his sandals to walk around.

"Oi, Sasuke, quit being such a jerk, I walked around the whole village three times carrying this thing, so you'd better take it and like it!"

In his agitation, Naruto waved the darkly colored, wrapped gift around, forgetting that it was fragile, though, thankfully, not breaking it.

"I don't want anything you have, so just leave already."

Sasuke's head reappeared from one of the two hallways and his unamused, angry face would have sent his fangirls running.

"Oh, no, don't think you're getting off that easily Sasuke, I didn't lug this thing around and come all of the way to your house just to have to keep it."

Sasuke stared at him for a long minute, his expression stating his earlier words of "go away I don't want it".

"Fine then, leave it there for all I care, but take this with you, I don't need junk cluttering me.

Sasuke threw a small orange box at Naruto and then disappeared back down the hall from which he had come. Naruto stood in shock for several seconds before placing the dark package carefully on the ground and leaving the Uchiha's house, staring curiously at the orange box in his hand. After a few minutes, his mind finally registered that Sasuke had given him something and he broke into laughter. Instead of opening the small box, he stuck it in his pocket and took off before the fragile prank carefully placed in the same box as Sasuke's gift went off.
Tags: *type: m/m, [animanga] naruto, author: ravenlock_3

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