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Flavor, Bleach, R, Yuri, Yoruichi/Soi Fong

Title: Flavor
Author: memlu
Fandom: Bleach
Type: Yuri
Pairing: Yoruichi/Soi Fong
Rating: R (light)
Challenge: Virginity challenge
Disclaimer: I lay no claim to any of the characters contained herein (oh, you lucky dogs).


Yoruichi tasted like mints and fish. Her mouth moved, wet and lazy, over Soi Fong's; Yoruichi tangled her fingers in the black hairs at the back of her neck. She pulled back, smiled at Soi Fong's sharp breath, and kissed her again, flicking her tongue against her teeth and lips, as in play. Her fingers traced the dip of Soi Fong's spine, down her neck, and then Yoruichi turned her head aside, teasing her lips over the nubby tip of her nose.

"Boo," Yoruichi said. She settled back and popped a sushi roll into her mouth, licking her fingertips with the smug satisfaction of the feline. The skin around her eyes crinkled as she smiled.

Soi Fong waited a moment and excused herself.

She fled to the gardens.

The gardens seemed to bloom always, a constant lullaby of dewy spring. Soi Fong rested on her knees in the wet grass and listened to the crickets and the trees moving, swaying gently in the wind. Her mouth burned and she felt like a coward, wondered what Yoruichi would think. Wondered what she thought, with the hot-wet memory of Yoruichi's tongue moving against her own.

Yoruichi vanished into the trees after the larger of the two demons, springing off a branch into the darker shadows of the forest as Soi Fong ducked the wild swing of the smaller demon. She snapped her foot out, catching it under the jaw and flinging the demon off-balance; she took advantage and lunged forward, swinging her blade down into the long neck. The edge jarred against bone.

Blood brushed the side of her face like a half-felt kiss, wet breath spattering her cheeks and the soft skin beneath her jawline, tucked away from her neck where, too, the red speckled her flesh. Soi Fong whipped her blade away, out of the awkward bone-deep nick she had gouged into the demon (two inches to the left) and lunged forward again; she dug the blade deep into the main artery and then struck at the chest. The tight skin gave like the leather drawn over a drum and she angled up under the ribs, driving into the heart of the skinny manlike beast. It collapsed on her and she crumpled to her knees.

"Huuu," Yoruichi exhaled, wrinkling her nose. She leapt from the tree and landed light on her toes. Soi Fong rolled the body off her legs and drew the blade out of its chest. "Should have made the first blow clean." She tapped a finger against the still-gushing wound near the shoulder and wiped the blood off on the grass.

Soi Fong drew her mouth into a line and passed her hand over her face, movement jerky. Her shoulders drooped and tightened; she slipped the blade into its sheath strapped to her waist.

Yoruichi pressed a hand to Soi Fong's, pinning her palm to her hip and the small hilt. "Ah-ah," Yoruichi smiled, her eyes crinkling. "Don't be so hard on yourself, little Soi Fong." She kissed the corner of Soi Fong's mouth and licked a patch of blood away; when she rolled her tongue against Soi Fong's, she tasted of blood, dirt, sweat.

Soi Fong brought her hand up to touch Yoruichi's dark shoulder, hesitating; she dropped her hand and took a step back, keeping her spine straight as she glanced at the ground to the side. Her cheeks burned. "We should get back," she said.

Yoruichi shifted her weight and made a soft "mmm" sound before she clapped her hand on Soi Fong's shoulder and grinned. "Race you!" she crowed, and took like lightning between the trees. Soi Fong blinked and stared at the space where she had been, brought her fingers to touch her own shoulder.

She began avoiding Yoruichi, for self-defense, for dignity, for clean nights of sleep without imagining what Yoruichi's mouth tasted like after rain, teriyaki, candies, seaweed; sex. Soi Fong imagined what it was, sex with Yoruichi, and didn't know much of anything it seemed, other than knowing she liked the way cloth clung to the smooth dark curves of Yoruichi's breasts; the way Yoruichi licked her ruddy lips when perfectly satisfied with a meal; the way Yoruichi's hips rubbed her waist sometimes, in the hall, invitation or innocence, question.

"Are you avoiding me?"

Yoruichi caught her wrist as she moved away, startled; her fingers closed warm and tight around Soi Fong's wrist, and then another hand was curving along her neck to tickle her nape. She turned, slightly, and caught Yoruichi's small catlike smile, canines flashed whitely more in energetic play than threat - and then, not surprising, Yoruichi kissed Soi Fong, just a quick pressing of mouths.

"Stop avoiding me," Yoruichi commanded. She scowled, wrinkling her nose, and then pushed Soi Fong against the wall, the soft warmth of her breasts brushing Soi Fong's shallow chest. "I like you."

"Oh," said Soi Fong, as if she had been struck with an epiphany. She didn't know if she was blushing when Yoruichi nipped her neck and laughed onto her throat. "Oh."

In bed, Yoruichi stroked her hands in down Soi Fong's body, tracing around her hips, waist; drawing lines up her thighs as she tickled Soi Fong's tight small breasts with lips and teeth. Soi Fong tightened her hands in Yoruichi's hair and turned red when she twitched her leg, impatient or desperate, or both. Yoruichi laughed; her breath was hot against the wetness of Soi Fong's nipple as she ran her tongue in a broad, rasping swipe over the nub. "I like you," she said, and Soi Fong felt her entire body tighten at the husky sound of the words.

Yoruichi bit the side of her breast, licked the bite gently and nibbled-sucked-licked a hot trail down the tight curve of Soi Fong's belly. She laughed and kissed the tops of her thighs before she nuzzled her mouth between her legs and her tongue darted out.

That first time, as Yoruichi leaned back up the relaxed, trembling line of Soi Fong to kiss her mouth, deep and sticky and delicious; she tasted like Soi Fong.


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