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Object/Snow Challenges

Challenge One: Object POV

Ever wish you could be a fly on the wall? What's the next best thing?

Write a fic from the POV of an object associated with a character. Aya's sword, Heero's gun, Tezuka's racket. You get the idea - it has to be a canon item.

These are 1POV.

1-1/2 hours.

Challenge Two: Snow

You know it's time for winter when there's snow outside! Have yourself a wonderland with your characters as you get set for the season with this week's snow challenge.

Yuuri enjoys his first snowfall with Conrad/Wulfram/whoever you want to slash him with; Duo starts a snowball fight by nailing Wufei in the face with a projectile of the icy kind; the TeniPuri boys take a ski trip that Ryoma manages to apply his tennis skills to.

The catch? You cannot use the word white.

2 hours.

(Sorry to those "Down Under" who are going to be suffering a few months of out of season challenges as your mod freezes...)
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