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Defenestration/Name Game Challenges

Challenge One: Defenestration

Ohhh, here's a fun one.

This week's challenge is defenestration. It's the act of throwing something or someone out a window. You are not required to use the word - just the action. Of course, you can always merely have "defenestrate" or any of its conjugates in the fic without the actual action.

Heero threatens to "defenestrate" Duo; Gon throws a clock out the window to see "time fly." Or Wolfram gets upset enough to throw Yuuri out the window.

90 minutes.

Challenge One: Name Game

It's a concept seen throughout cultures that names have power.

You've got a writing challenge this week to prove it.

You are allowed to say one name, once. Use it to the fullest possible effect.

Otherwise, no names in the fic. Use third person referals (he, she, "the boy" etc).

90 minutes.
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