Canis M (canis_m) wrote in temps_mort,
Canis M

Halves (Juuni Kokki, GyouTai, PG)

Title: Halves
Author: canis_m
Fandom: Juuni Kokki / 12 Kingdoms
Type: ya-o-i
Pairing: Gyousou/Taiki
Rating: PG
Summary: More treats for Taiki.
Disclaimer: All characters copyright Ono Fuyumi, no infringement intended, no profit being made.
Notes: For the "Sharing" challenge, as well as today's theme ("eating") at jantalaimon's Drabble-a-Day fest, AND--as if that weren't enough--50 Ways to Feed Your Kirin #50. XD;



They were settled on the couch, sleeves lapping and overlapping in a silken roil, and their talk ran to the taming of animals. My tenba, how did Master Gyousou catch him? Taiki wanted to know. He was flushed as an apple from the crisp air in the paddock, ruffled from being pawed and licked and snuffled by a damp nose.

"Ah, well, tenba." The word meant horses of heaven. To Gyousou's mind they were good enough (in the absence of shirei) for a kirin to ride, more suited than a suugu would be. "They're docile to begin with. If you can get your hands on a young one, they're easy to tame."

On the tabletop by the couch sat a bowl of pears, three colors, gold and ruddy and pale freckled green. Beside the bowl lay a plate and a pearl-hilted knife. Gyousou pressed his fingers to one pear, then another, then a third, then smiled. None of them were unripe. "This fellow was shy at first, though," he said.

"Did he try to get away?"

"He did. I'm not sure he liked the look of me. He led me on a devious chase."

Muffled laughter. Gyousou was hard put not to laugh himself. He took a gold pear and the knife in hand.

"And after that?"

He halved the pear, slit the halves into slivers. "After that he learned I had treats in my pockets, and he changed his mind."

Sneaky, said Taiki, and Gyousou said, "Is it?" He looked down at the dark head tilted toward his face. In his life he had never done better, he thought, would never do better than to catch this one, even if the chase had run years overlong. Murmuring, he said, "There's no creature that doesn't like to be fed."

He held out the sliver of pear. Taiki took it from his fingers, nibbled not quite half of it. Is it good? Gyousou asked, not in words but a single low sound. In answer Taiki licked his lips and offered the half-sliver back.


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