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Title: I see.
Author: kasuino
Fandom: Sailormoon! (cue collective groan)
Type: gen
Characters: Haruka, Setsuna
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: They so aren't mine.
Notes: For the 'Religion' challenge. I like to play these two off of each other because they have so many fundamental differences. It took me a while do decide on a POV, but this is Haruka, questioning Setsuna's ideas on higher powers.
Summary: hmm, the notes just said it.

There was a finger tapping lightly on the easel as the green haired lady contemplated her next move. A neatly kept makeshift design studio tended to move around the house, as Setsuna was obviously doing rather well in her physics classes. In fact, the stoic senshi seemed oblivious to the blonde that was studying her from across the room.

She also wasn't dazed in the least when Haruka suddenly crossed the room, and stood, looming over the green haired senshi's work. It was a layout. Setsuna was rather anal retentive by nature, and would often recreate advertisements for no reason whatsoever. On occasion, it was a model, neatly dressed, but today, it was a full page, hand inked ad for a Calvin Klein fragrance.

"Why do you do that?" Haruka asked, shaking her head and tipping it to the side in confusion. She crossed her white sleeved hands and gripped her elbows as she stared, gaping mouthed at the easel.

"If you're going to watch me, sit down."

What a response. Haruka sighed as she lugged over a stool, and straddled it, leaning over towards Setsuna, much like Hotaru would have done on any other given day. Not many people got the opportunity to watch Haruka act like a child, but it was precisely what her mannerisms reflected. Contrastedly, Setsuna remained stoic, her hand gently gripping a pen that would steadily dip into an ink well, and trace little penciled in lines onto a piece of newsprint. Haruka watched, admittedly in awe of the more artistic people in the household.

And, they sat in silence for moments on end before Setsuna spoke again. Perhaps she had forgotten that someone had been in the room at all.

"Why..." She started, as she lowered her pen and stared at the pendant around Haruka's neck. "Do you wear that cross?"

Blinking, Haruka's hand flew to her neck and grasped at the golden cross that she often wore around her neck. She didn't know whether to act confused, as it was most definately an unexpected question. Certainly, she wouldn't bother to get offended. Setsuna didn't seem like a woman of faith, but then again, neither did Haruka to the common observer.

Another heavy pause lingered in the room, and threatened to suffocate the blonde as her mind grasped for an appropriate explanation. As if Setsuna sensed this hesitation, she made quick to amend her statement.

"...if we discuss quirks, that is."

"Why do you make those ads, then?" Haruka asked, as it was only fair that her question get answered before Setsuna. They could play Out Cryptastify all day long.

A rare-earned smile came from the time senshi. "It's so interesting to observe what people will flock to."

Unfortunately, her dual meaning was lost on Haruka. "...but, you recreate it."

"For my own records."

End of explanation. Setsuna's wine colored eyes fixed a hardened gaze on the hand that was covering the pendant. As Haruka felt the stare, it only seemed fitting that she unclasp her hand from her necklace once more. The other senshi gave her an approving stare, and repeated her question.

Again, it proved to confuse Haruka, and regardless of how long she had to think about her response, she only managed to stammer what she considered to be a half baked idea. It usually seemed that way around Setsuna.

"I...just believe that there's something bigger than all of us out there."

This ellicted a smirk from the other woman. If Haruka had listened more closely, she could have sworn that she had heard a deflated puff of air dying out of Setsuna's nostrils. This signified laughter from the woman, and she stood in one swift motion, materials in hand as she looked down at the brash wind senshi.

"How is that working out for you?" Setsuna asked, slinging the easel easily into a large bag and hoisting the bag on her shoulder.

" I wanted it to."

Wherever this conversation was going, Haruka had been lost in the current. She had given up a long time ago on following Setsuna's everyday chatter actively. It tended to be more entertaining just to let woman speak. She obviously had a lot of knowledge, and Haruka would put more weight into what she said, over what she could get over any book.

Whatever was written, Pluto had access to, after all. Setsuna's lips curled into a genuine smile. "All is how it is supposed to be." She noted, as her soft voice curled through the air. A final bow, and Setsuna began to walk away.

Only to be stopped by Haruka, calling out to her. "Is there?"

A laugh.

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