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- Swet like honey and twice as dandy -

Title: Normal is always good.
Fandom: Rurouni Kenshin
Pairing: Saitou/Sano, a dash of Aoshi/Kenshin and Yahiko/Tsubame
Warnings: PG-13 because of Sano’s foul language and the slight…innuendoes that were dropped.
Challenge: Life
Disclaimer: I owe them not. Although I wish I did. Does owing their djs count though?
Notes: Because Saitou!muse threatened to dismember me into a million itsy bitsy slices with his trusty shiny nihonto if I didn’t get off my ass and write something constructive.

Summary: Days like these were meant to be cherished and kept in a bottle for those gloomy rainy days.

Mornings find Sanosuke just waking up, chocolate brown hair all trussed up, looking messier than usual. Eyes the colour of aged wood blinks sleepily and Sano wonders why the room is spinning around him crazily. He shrugs and goes back to sleep again. And then the prospect of winning money at dice drags him up again. The though of seeing amber eyes proves to be a fine incentive as well. Within minutes he’s up, and walking jauntily out of the door a crimson ribbon holding his hair back.

Maybe today he won’t be too busy, mused Sano as he as starts whistling.

By this time, Kenshin is washing the laundry, brow furrowed in concentration as he attempts to get the stain out from his clothes. The stain is stubborn and he dunks it into the soapy water again. The slickness of the liquid rushes between his fingers and his mind wanders, to a man with a pair of icy blue eyes.

A rather silly smile comes over the red-haired ronin.

By the river, Yahiko is practicing his swordplay, slicing the air and pretending that he’s saving Tsubame-chan with his bokken. Of course he would slap all those vicious bullies who even dare touch her into Shishio Hell TM and then Tsubame-chan would run over to him and hug him happily and swear that she’ll never love another as brave. A tinge of red washed over Yahiko’s face as he continues swinging his bokken at imaginary foes.

Around him, people hurry away, disturbed at the sight of a young boy smiling at nothing.

Afternoons were never so quiet though. Lunch has just been served, with Kenshin cooking of course, and Sanosuke freeloading off them like there’s no tomorrow. Sano and Yahiko fight over the last piece of fish while Kenshin tries to break up the fight and Kaoru joins in. It erupts into an all out war that eventually leads to Kaoru and Yahiko taking it out in the Kamiya Dojo’s training hall.

The sound of Kaoru whacking Yahiko’s world upside down can be heard outside the dojo.

Kenshin walks with Sanosuke, hand holding a white letter written in the ex-assassin’s neat hand. They both chat with an ease that both of them have to come to treasure. The spiky-haired youth complains about losing money last night at the gambling house and grouse about the amber-eyed man who is “always too goddamn busy to even fucking see me.”

Kenshin only chuckles, and tighten his grip on the pristine white letter.

They stop at the post office for a moment and Sanosuke waits outside, running a tanned hand through his hair. Kenshin smiles as the lady at the office takes his letter and tucks it away. It should reach the temple in two days, add the time he takes to write back and Kenshin should receive a reply in four days time.

Absently, the violet-eyed swordsman wonders what the ex-Oniwabanshu chief is doing now.

In Kyoto, Shinomori Aoshi sits in the temple, blue eyes closed, a letter printed in Kenshin’s neat hand in front of him. A light wind rustles the leaves outside his room and his eyes slide open, catching sight of the letter in front of him. A slight smile glances his lips before he closes his eyes again and continues to meditate.

Kenshin’s letter should be coming soon.

Sanosuke sauntered into the police station with the ease of someone who has been there numerous times. He gives an airy wave to the officer on duty whose stammering about the chief being in a really bad mood falls on deaf ears. The blonde-haired man next to him only tells him to shut up, and fixing one single gray eye on the young wide-eyed officer, tells him to go back to doing his work.

Cho snorts; about bloody time they got laid, a repressed Saitou was bitchier than ever, if that was possible.

Night washed over Tokyo in cool dark waves and the smell of cooking wafted out of the Kamiya Dojo easily. Since no creatures attracted by the smell died outside the dojo, one can safely surmised that it was Kenshin who was doing the cooking. Sanosuke pops in for a free meal, face glowing and Kenshin takes it that this time the spiky-haired youth managed to see Saitou. Even Kaoru’s nagging about his freeloading hardly dents the smile he has on.

Sano continues grinning and Kenshin can’t help but grin along with him.

Saitou Hajime sits in his office, glaring holes into the report in front of him. If that ahou hadn’t came in this afternoon, he would’ve finished it by now. Shifting his attention to the darkening street outside, he lights up a cigarette and puffs slowly, still tasting Sano through the arid tobacco. That ahou, Saitou grumbles mentally, and reluctantly, a smile fight through. Golden eyes gleam at the work in front of him and he’s tempted to take up his nihonto and slash the offending paper to little party strips.

He glares harder and picks up his pen.

Stuffed to the brim with his free meal, Sano waves a cheerful goodbye to Kenshin and sets off for the police station again. Shoving his hands into his loose white pants, Sano ambles down the path and starts whistling an irritating tune that would just absolutely grate on the tall ex-Shinsengumi’s nerves. He strides into the now empty station and burst into Saitou’s office, who in turn doesn’t even look up from his work. Folding his body into a chair, Sano proceeds to irritate the hell out of the amber-eyed man by whistling the same tune. A pair of golden eyes glares at him and snarls a warning that sounds like “keep whistling ahou, and you won’t have a tongue left soon.”

“Yeah well, than quick old man!” Was Sano’s eloquent answer.

Sano sticks out his tongue at Saitou in a rare moment of childishness and watch as the purple-streaked sky outside turn to black. Saitou growls under his breath as he finishes up his work for the day and stands up. That ahou was going to pay for disrupting his attention today.

Outside, the stars came out.

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