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Life/Fashion Challenges

Challenge 1: Life

We've all seen deathfics, those wallowing things, but how about life?

Focus on what it means to be alive. You can do "a day in the life," a fic on someone who realizes how important it is to be alive, or even what life means. Think on Raito and what it means for him to kill people who are alive. How about a fic where "everything is good," and Atobe is enjoying the crowd? And Heero says his life is cheap, but is that true?

Life's precious. We only live once, and you've got 90 minutes to bring the story to life.

Challenge 2: Fashion

This week's challenge focuses on the topic of fashion. As always, the fandom is your oyster, but whatever your story, the main focus must be of garments of any kind. Adam's fig leaf to Peter Pan's tights; go to town, it's all good. Kimono, trademark outfits, tennis shoes, etc.

For this challenge, you have 75 minutes. Vogue it up!
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