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Distraction (FMA, HavocxRoy, PG-13, Yaoi)

Title: Distraction
Author: zinthos
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Type: Yaoi, fluff
Pairing: HavocxRoy
Rating: PG-13 (language)
Challenge: Past challenges--five minute challenge
Disclaimer: I don't own 'em. Arakawa does. *bows to Arakawa*

It had to be raining today, out of all days it could have rained. The raindrops spattered with reckless abandon against his umbrella, a familiar rattatatat that made him think of machine guns and war. Ironic, then, that this was going to be the other end of the spectrum. Jean Havoc puffed tirelessly on his cigarette, eyes focused on the road. Any minute now. Any minute.

As if on cue, the sound of footsteps suddenly undercut the rain. Havoc turned--and there was Roy Mustang, looking more miserable and wet than Havoc had ever thought possible. “Sir?” he asked. “What are you doing here?”

“Getting wet,” came a muttered response. “Do you mind?” He eyed the umbrella.

Without another word, Havoc held it out to him. He ended up missing his date, he later recalled. She had waited for him for an entire half hour; he got an earful and a half of it when she called to inform him of this. And he hadn’t meant to do it, honest. God’s own truth.

But Roy Mustang had a way with distracting people.



Alphonse Elric looked down. “Nii-san?”

“I said fuck.”

A sigh rattled Al’s armor. “I know,” he said. “But why?”

“Why?” The blond seethed, practically boiling in the rain. “Because I’m wet, we’re tired, and there isn’t one fucking inn with a fucking room we can fucking dry off in.” As he stood atop his suitcase, Edward shook one automail hand at the sky. “Is this your idea of fun? Huh? Is it?”


“Don’t nii-san me.” Ed’s braid rattled ominously. “This sucks and you know it.”

“I was just saying--“

It was just then that a car turned the corner.


In a vague moment of guilt, Havoc stuck his head out the window. “Uhh, it looks like we splashed somebody back there.”

“Mm?” Roy examined his fingernails. “Ahh. Yes. We did.”

“Don’t you think we should stop?”

At that, Roy seemed almost contemplative. “Should we?” he said, raising his eyes to the rearview mirror.

Havoc felt his heart catch in his throat. “Er. Well. No.”

“Then let’s continue.” A slow smirk spread over the officer’s face, marred only by the hand that rubbed conspiratorially at his chin. “I presume you know the way back?”

“Yessir.” With a slight salute, Havoc drove back towards military HQ. The officers’ lodging part of military HQ. He felt bad for Edward, he really did. That wave of water would have toppled many a larger man--but there was nothing he could do. Not with him here.

And he had a way with distracting people.


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