October 26th, 2006


[Akuma no Ororon] Like Setting Yourself On Fire | Yotsuba x Mitsume, Othello x Mitsume| PG

Title: Like Setting Yourself on Fire
Author: koestenbaum
Series: Akuma no Ororon
Pairing: Yotsuba x Mitsume, Othello x Mitsume
Type: m/m
Rating: PG
Challenge: Secrets
Summary: Mitsume has an affair with Yotsuba behind Othello's back, but does he really want to keep it a secret? And is he really happy about what he's doing?
Disclaimer: Akuma no Ororon does not belong to me.
Notes: For dramatic__...because we're Akuma no Ororon freaks XD.

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