August 6th, 2006


Kisses (without actually kissing) and lies.

contrelamontreChallenge 1: Kissing without kissing

Your mini-challenge for the remainder of the week is: Kissing without kissing.

Your fic should be about kissing in some way, however your characters can't actually kiss during the course of the story. They might have kissed in the past, they may kiss in the future, or they may never kiss. But, the point is that they can't lock lips during the story. They can do anything else they'd like, but no kissing.

You have 45 minutes.

Challenge 2: Lies

White lies, lies to tell children, and cover-ups are just some of the many different type of lies we encounter in life. This week, make a lie the main focus in your fic. You can have one lie or as many as a hundred.

You have 60 minutes to distort the truth.
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