May 14th, 2006


[Sex Pistols] | Yonekuni x Shirou | Nineteen Years of Age| R

Title: Nineteen Years of Age
Author: dramatic__
Series: Sex Pistols
Pairing/Characters: Yonekuni x Shirou
Type: m/m
Rating: R
Challenge: perspectives in 30 minutes.
Summary: Yonekuni is the realist to Shirou's romanticism.
Disclaimer: Sex Pistols doesn't belong to me.
Notes: I WAS LOOPING SUGA SHIKAO'S 19 SAI SONG. OMG. That PV was obviously the inspiration for this.

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I didn't like how Shirou's perspective came out. Was the contrast obvious enough? FEED BACK? ;__; PREASE?
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