April 17th, 2006


[Sex Pistols] | Yonekuni x Shirou | Chocolate Kisses | R

Title: Chocolate Kisses
Author: dramatic__
Series: Sex Pistols
Pairing/Characters: Yonekuni x Shirou
Type: m/m
Rating: R
Challenge: Valentine Chocolates; 142 minutes, but I only took half of that.
Summary: Didn’t Yonekuni know that dogs can’t eat chocolate?
Disclaimer: Sex Pistols doesn't belong to me.
Notes: I watched The Graduate today, with Mrs. Robinson acting like a ho and whatnot. By the way, the ending of that movie did not bode well with me. I was a little rushed with the ending because I simply didn’t know how to end it. And its getting late over here. D:

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