October 30th, 2005


[Sex Pistols] | You Fit Into Me | Kunimasa x Norin | PG-13

Title: You Fit Into me
Author: Rigell
Series: Sex Pistols
Type: Kunimasa x Norio
Rating: PG-13. Vague sex involved.
Challenge: Character POV drabbles.
Disclaimer: Sex Pistols and related characters don't belong to me. And the poem in bold and italics is called "You fit into me" by Margret Atwood.
Notes: A poem about bitterness and a relationship full of it. If you haven't read volume 3 of Sex Pistols manga, it might spoil the ending for you a bit.

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P.S.: Rei, Ken Hirai's Pop Star is stuck in my head. D:
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