August 7th, 2005

  • aishuu

Farewells/Rude Awakenings Challenge

It's with mixed feelings that I announce I'm resigning as mod of this comm - according to my count, I've posted over 100 challenges, and I'm just burnt out! So this is the last challenge from me - mithas is now your leader. ^_~

I still love the work produced here, and I plan to continue watching it (and maybe writing again). Thanks, everyone, for your replies that have expanded my fandoms and made me think.

~ aishuu


Someone says good-bye. It can be forever, or just for the day.

2 hours

Challenge 2: from contrelamontre: Rude Awakenings

This week, let's disturb someone's sleep. Character A is asleep, but wakes up unexpectedly.
Bad dream? Loud noise? Amorous Character B?

You have 50 minutes.
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