May 30th, 2005

[Noir] Come Sin With Me | Mireille/Kirika | r

Title: Come Sin With Me
Author: Cerise Tennyo
Series: Noir
Pairing: Mireille/Kirika
Type: f/f
Rating: R (a very *soft* R)
Challenge: Flashback! using...the cover whose URL I lost, but has the same title.
Summary: Noir is made of sin.
Disclaimer: Noir, its characters and concepts, are the property of Ryoe Tsukimura and Bee Train Studios.
No challenge to copyright is intended by this piece of fanfiction, and no profit has been made.
Notes: Set post-series. I really hesitate to rate this "R" as nothing graphic happens... but PG-13 didn't feel right. Apologies to those looking for hardcore yuri.

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