April 1st, 2005


Happy Endings [Saiyuki, G]

Title: Happy Endings
Author: EvilStorm
Fandom: Saiyuki (I give up on ever writing other fandoms.)
Rating: G
Type: Pretty Gen. It's also a bit of an angst-fest.
Charas: Hakkai and Gojyo (I seem to like this pairing.)
Disclaimer: Minekura-sama. Not me. Lawyers g'way. Also don't own the song "Tell Me On A Sunday", that's Andrew Lloyd Webber's, none of my beeswax.
Summary: Endings. A happy ending that isn't really happy, actually. But it ended well, and that's what's important.
Notes: Done for the Lyrics challenge in 35-40 minutes. Stayed awake the whole soddin' night and wrote this in the morning, so typical apologies for any weird shit that might appear. Lyrics used...uh...too many, will make notes at end of fic. Hope this breaks the writer's block.

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