March 8th, 2005

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  • mithas

100 in 15 / New challenge

We have over 500 members on this comm. Where are the fics people? *whips everyone into writing* My one year hiatus has made me rusty, but enjoy the challenge nonetheless. Also, contrelamontre has posted a challenge, so we're back to two challenges per week.

100 in 15 challenge

Older members will remember I did a similar challenge to this with the [5 minute drabble challenge]. At the time 'drabble' was loosely defined as any work of fiction between 100-600 words. This time though, I'm limiting this challenge to 100 words exact.

The idea is to write a series of 100 word drabbles, all connected as to tell a tale of a bigger whole. It is cheating to write 100-word paragraphs. :P Each drabble should be able to stand on its own when read, but to also tell a story when read together.

The minimum amount of drabbles allowed is 4, you may spend less, but not more than 15 minutes writing each drabble. Maximum time spent will of course depend on how many drabbles you write and how much you spend on each.

You may take a break between writing each drabble as long as you stay within the 15 minute time limit for each.

New challenge reposted from contrelamontre
Write about something New. Your character could receive a new gift, have a new experience, feel a new emotion… anything that's new to him/her.

You have 1 hour.

The [POSTING GUIDELINE] is on the infopage. Don't forget to use it.