February 25th, 2005

temps mort
  • mithas

[admin] A few rule changes.

Guess who's back? ;P First things first, a very big thank you to aishuu for taking over challenges while I was off doing my own thing. Not to worry, she's not going to disappear and I won't be taking over challenges permanently, >:D so the lot of you can breathe easy now. I will be taking over for the March challenges however while Aishuu takes a short hiatus.

The [info page] has been updated, and while the general rules have not changed, the format for subject and body header has. Please see the new format before posting anything new to the community. I apologize to those who are used to the old format, but after going through a one year backlog putting everything into memories, I wasn't very happy by the end of it.

Please please, do not forget to follow the subject header (the new one) most especially. It is important to my sanity and keeps me from wanting to slice people's heads off. Everyone who has been using them properly has my gratitude, you have no idea how much that made my life easier while going through my backlog.

Apparently, contrelamontre hasn't posted a new challenge since the start of the year as well, which brings us to the issue of having two challenges per week. Aishuu has been spoiling you lot silly by continuing to post two challenges every week. We will be returning to having only one challenge per week however, until such a time that contrelamontre starts putting up challenges again.

Also, angst is neither a type nor a genre of fiction.

In a nutshell:
1. I will be posting the March challenges. >D
2. Please check the [info page] for new subject and header format.
3. We're returning to one challenge/topic per week until contrelamontre starts posting again.
4. Challenge/topic suggestions are still welcome.