January 22nd, 2005


Tantalus Redeemed--Mirage of Blaze--R--yaoi--Naoe/Takaya

Title: Tantalus Redeemed
Author: Cerise Tennyo (yes, I know the LJ name is jdemorae, but Cerise is my anime fic pen-name..and that journal is on another service. Urk.)
Fandom: Mirage of Blaze
Type: yaoi
Pairing: Naoe/Takaya
Rating: R, for Takaya's gutter mouth and a twist of lime.
Summary: For the 'things that just didn't happen' challenge. Takaya's not letting Naoe walk away after that little declaration. (Time: 90 minutes, and squeaking just under the deadline... ;) )
Disclaimer: The characters and concepts of Mirage of Blaze belong to Kuwabara Mizuna, Cobalt Publishing, and AnimeWorks. I am none of the above, and make no claim to be. This story was written for the entertainment of myself and other fans. No challenge to copyright is intended, and no profit has been made from this work.

[Edit: Argh. Formatting error hopefully fixed so this *should* be readable, now.]

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