December 27th, 2004

you always said the world will never las

"Sweet Talker", Mirage Of Blaze, PG, Naoe/Takaya

Title: Sweet Talker
Author: Corialis
Fandom: Mirage Of Blaze
Type: Het, I guess, considering the gender-switch...
Pairing: vaguely Naoe/Takaya
Rating: PG
Summary: In which Naoe does, in fact, say that sort of thing to a woman.
Disclaimer: Not mine; if they were, it would not take 20 novels for them to stop being quite so frustrating.
Challenge: Genderswap
Notes: A rewrite of the possessor conversation in the hotel in episode 7, done in about 20 minutes. The temptation was too strong to resist. I blame the characterization of girl!Takaya on tammaiya. Much of the dialogue is lifted directly from the anime subtitles.

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