December 26th, 2004

  • aishuu


Hope everyone had a happy holidays.

Now... let's face the new year!

Challenge One: Resolution

It's New Year's on the way, and resolutions are part of tradition. Definition is HERE. Your challenge is to write a fic using any of these definitions.

90 minutes

Challenge Two: Gender Swap

The second challenge is gender swapping.

What this means is interpret how a series would be different if one character had a different gender. We're not talking about cross-dressing or gender changes, we're talking about a genuine AU.

Imagine Tezuka as a girl; think about how much more sexual tension you could write if Sasuke was one. What about Ukyo being a guy?

These are fast and furious fics: 30 minutes

swiped from the deathnote100 because it was just too funny.
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About Goku [Saiyuki, Humor, PG]

Title: About Goku (fear my originality!)
Author: Zansetsu
Challenge: Gender Swapping
Fandom: Saiyuki
Genre: Humor (though Largely Questionable)
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Me no own. Minekura-sama for president.
A/N: Scary dialogue fic. Don’t feel very literary. So I not only swapped Goku’s gender and played with the timeline a little. Your point?
Time Taken: 30 minutes

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