November 17th, 2004

Gackt - Child Of The Moon

Down The Road // Gravitation // Hiro/Shuuichi

First post here. :-D Also first fic with this particular pairing... >>;;

Title: Down The Road
Author: Neko-chan
Pairing: Hiro/Shuuichi [OMG. One-sided. I'm sorry. ;_;]
Rating: PG
Summary: Looking back a long ways down the road, the past just brings about bitterness.
Notes: Done for BOTH the "name game" and "defenestration" challenge. Have never written anything for Hiro/Shuuichi before, so 'ware~~ :O
DISCLAIMER: Not mine, kthanx. ♥
Time Elapsed: 26 minutes

(Down The Road)
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