October 31st, 2004

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Shades of Gray/Rumors Challenges

Challenge One: Shades of Gray

November is a rather bleak month, so your challenge is the color gray. You can use that literally, or by working on capturing the mood of a "gray" piece. How about telling a story about where there's a "shades of gray" situation, where there is no right and wrong? A character who is neither a hero nor a villain? Or... tell a melancholy tale, cast with a drabness that can only be called gray - leave no one happy, but no one dead, either.

75 minutes

Challenge Two: Rumors

There's a rumor going around and it involves one of your characters or an event. What is it? Is it true? Who's spreading it? Do they find out? You don't have to answer all that, but tell a story about the rumor mill.

3 hours
It's Always Sunny Shit on Walls

The Sky was Gray

Title: The Sky was Gray
Author: Jace/ bandit-gurl42
Fandom: Gundam Wing
Type: yaoi
Pairing: 1x2
Rating: R-NC-17
Summary: Duo and Heero's relationship seems to have been covered in gray from the start.
Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Wing. If you think I do I'm flattered but I think you need to get some help.

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Fading (Silent Hill 2, PG, gen/het)

Title: Fading
Author: Riona
Fandom: Silent Hill 2
Type: Mostly gen, a little hettish.
Rating: PG
Summary: James takes a moment to reflect.
Disclaimer: The Silent Hill series and all related characters/locations/etc. belong to Konami. I am very much not Konami.
Notes: About 27 minutes, for the Shades of Grey challenge.

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Fading Greys (Naruto - Shades of Grey challenge)

Title: Fading Greys
Author: Arithion
Fandom: Naruto
Type: gen
Characters: mainly Sasuke
Rating: G
Challenge: Shades of grey challenge at temps mort in about 22 mins all up
Summary: Shades of grey in a mind torn by chaos
Disclaimer: If they were mine, it would be an OBVIOUSLY Yaoi series. So no, not mine… sadly.
Notes: Takes place at the end of 106, depicting thought processes then. For myth720 ... because

Fading Greys