October 24th, 2004

  • aishuu


Challenge One: Religion

Religion plays an important part in many anime series - or lack there of. So let's focus on religion - a character's faith, belief, ot lack there of.

The twist? you have to do it from another character's POV. For example, if you're talking about Duo, you should write it from Heero or Quatre or Hilde's perspective.

90 minutes.

Challenge Two: Rivals

A key in many series is the concept of "rivals" and how they egg each other on. Write a fic with two rivals, and how that rivalry effects someone - Sasuke and Naruto, Tezuka and Atobe, Hikaru and Akira... what does the rivalry mean?

Of course, we're a slash comm, so the rivalry can extend in bed as well as out.

2 hours.