October 23rd, 2004

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Title: A coat, and it was all that it was.
</b>Fandom:</b> X/1999.
</b>Warning:</b> ANGST. ANGST. ANGST.
Disclaimer: Belong me not. If it did, Seishirou and Subaru would lead a happy fluff-filled life together. : sulks :
Challenge: Fashion. Can also be applied to Life.
Notes: I blame this on over-excessive listening of Heaven’s not enough from Wolf’s Rain. That song just absolutely breaks my heart.

Summary: It was strange, how a simple coat could conjure up so many memories.

: So this was how loneliness felt like. Cool and silky, like a coat : .
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    Heaven's not enough - Wolf's Rain [OMG, the angst!]
It&#39;s Always Sunny Shit on Walls

Alive (Gundam Wing: Heeroxall 4 other pilots)

Title: Alive
Fandom: Gundam Wing
Pairing: Mainly Heerox each gundam pilot on his own but it's implied 1x2x3x4x5
0-0 never thought I'd do it.
Challenge: Life
Summary: Heero never felt alive until he met them...
Disclaimer: I don't own gundam wing, if I did then the war would never have ended because the boys would have been too busy doing er...other things...

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