September 12th, 2004

Morning Foreplay/ The Demon Ororon/ Challenge: Sequel

The first part of the fiction is here, but you don't need to read the first part to get this story.

Title- Morning Foreplay
Fandom-The Demon Ororon (a manga by Hakase Mizuki)
Rating- PG-13 (… VERGING ON NC-17, but its not)
Pairing- Othello x Mistume (shounen ai)
Challenge/Time taken- Sequel :D I took about thirty minutes
Disclaimer- The Demon Ororon (or Akuma no Ororon) is a manga by Hakase Mizuki and so therefore all the characters and the world they live in are created by her, so they are hers. This is just a piece of fanfiction, no need to make some lawsuit hoot over it.
Notes- sequel to Love Me Instead

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Sympathy Pains --> Saiyuki --> Past Challenges

Title: Sympathy Pains
Author: Casey (susukeru)
Fandom: Gensomaden Saiyuki
Type: General . . . shounen-ai if you choose to make it so
Pairing/Characters: Sanzo and Goku centric
Word Count: 830
Time: I'm not sure . . . not even an hour I'm sure.
Summary: Just a Goku/Sanzo moment . . . where Sanzo is actually NICE O_O This is supposed to take place around Chapters 33-35ish of the manga . . . yeah. There is one spoiler . . . and it has a lot of indirect referal to those chapters.
Disclaimer: Saiyuki and its characters do not and have never belonged to me. God help us if they did. e___e;
Notes: This is for the past challenges challenge. I chose With Friends Like These . . . .

The challenge was given to me as:

"Saiyuki; Sanzo x Goku. Give me a rare fluffy moment where our normally pissed off priest isn't all grumpy and Goku isn't insanely. . . himself. D: No sex. It can even be curvy gen. Less internal struggle or contemplation. So, neither one of them is seriously over pondering/angsting."

I hope that I, for the most part, kept to the challenge XDDD;;;; (Sanzo is so hard to make not grumpy-ish and still in character TT;;)

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Untitled/ Forbidden Dance Fanfiction/ Challenge: virgin series+5 min drabbles

Title- Untitled Forbidden Dance fanfiction
Fandom-Tenshi no Kiss by Hinako Ashihara (Or by Tokyopop titles, Forbidden Dance)
Rating- PG-13
Pairing- Yamane x Tetsuya and then Yamane x that 19 year old member of COOL
Challenge/Time taken- old challenges: virgin series combined with the 5 minute drabble.
Disclaimer- Forbidden Dance belongs to Hinako Ashihara and Tokyopop and their respected owners.
Notes- Has anyone even done a shonen ai fanfiction for Forbidden Dance? And I don’t know what the Nineteen Year Old boy’s name is, so I called him Kid. You know, in volume three he fights with Yamane and accdiently punches Aya in the face, that’s the guy.

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