September 10th, 2004

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Noise, Death Note, NC17, Yaoi, Raito/L/Raito

Title: Noise
Author: memlu
Fandom: Death Note
Type: Yaoi
Pairing: Raito/L/Raito
Rating: NC17 (-ish. >>)
Challenge: Revenge. It's there, I swear.
Disclaimer: The characters contained within belong to their respective owners. I'm just a moron using them for badfic.
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Constructive criticism and punches to the face are always welcomed, particularly regarding the iffy characterization. Praise is welcome, too. *grins*

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Revenge Challenge/Untitled Tale in Which Fan Writer is Cornered

Title: Untitled, but it deals with REVENGEEE... somehow. some way.
Fandom: multiple
Type: ... humor? i tried.
Challenge: Revenge In Which Fan Writer is ... Cornered.
Rating: pg 13 because i am not a mary sue, so my language is not so clean.
Time: roughly 30 minutes
Disclaimer: all these characters belong to you know who
Notes: Um, yeah. This was hard to do, very.

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