September 8th, 2004

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Looking Back Challenges

Your friendly community mod will be away on an overdue vacation until Sept. 26. That means these challenges will just have to keep you amused until then.

Challenge One: Sequels

There's nothing like a sequel. Your challenge?

Write a sequel to a fic which you have previously posted at temps_mort. You can even stretch and write a companion piece or a prequel, but it must be something which you've already done. This challenge is only for people who have participated previously in a challenge.

2 hours and counting.

Challenge Two: Past Challenges

We're winding back the clock, and you're free to do any previous t-m challenge.

There's many in the archives, or you can flip through for the most recent ones. The original time on the challenge remains.

Challenge Three: Amnesty

How many of you started a t-m fic and never finished it for some reason or other? Here's your chance.

Offering an amnesty period. Finish a t-m fic you started and went over time, lost interest in, etc. No time limit, but the fic should be finished by Sept. 25. Let us know what the challenge was originally for.
  • koushi


Title: Smile
Author: Koushi
Fandom: Gravitation
Type: Shounen-ai
Pairing/Characters: Taki/Shu
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Takes place in Taki's mind during the rape.
Disclaimer: Gravitation belongs to Murakami Maki, not me. Never did, never will.
Notes: Taki POV, one-sided love, one hour and ten minutes, for the Revenge challenge.

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