August 16th, 2004

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Unreachable [Prince of Tennis - Ooishi, pg, gen]

Title: Unreachable
Author: chinawolf
Fandom: Tenipuri
Type: gen/ hints of shounen-ai
Pairing/Characters: Ooishi, mentions of Kikumaru and others
Rating: PG
Summary: Ten years down the line, Ooishi gets an invitation to go to a Seigaku Regular reunion dinner. He isn't happy at the prospect.

Disclaimer: Tenipuri belongs to Konomi Takeshi and various others. I'm just a fan.

Notes: This is my first time posting fanfic in this fandom and only the second time ever, so I'm very nervous about posting. I also would appreciate concrit very much. I overstepped the 60-minute timeframe by about twenty minutes as I had a wibble attack while writing and had to find the beat again. No spoilers, this is an AU future.

Written for the Winners and Losers challenge, but it's not tennis that's the game. ~1100 words.

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HnG/PoT: Rivals or Not

Title: Rivals or Not
Author: Luce Red
Crossover of series: Hikaru no Go, Prince of Tennis
Disclaimer: characters owned by Hotta and Obata, Konomi, Shueisha, Jump and their affiliated parts.
Notes/Type/Rating: Overuse of ellipsis, some gratuitous Japanese. General fic. For the Winners and Losers Challenge. Time used: 100 minutes, more or less.

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Edited to change "five" to "two".
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Zim Ficcage

This was written so people who aren’t familiar with the series Invader Zim could read it. Zim’s an alien trying to destroy/enslave the earth, and geeky Dib is the only one who realizes it, because NASA keeps spilling coffee down their shirts. It started back when Dib was elementary school and now he’s in middle school, so Zim isn’t really that good of an Invader either.

Title: Cafeteria
Rating: PG. Standard Disclaimer Applies.
Genre: Hints of slashiness, or shonen ai. Paring Zim/Dib.
Fandom: Invader Zim.
Challenge: Winners/Losers. Time: 52 minutes.
Summary: Zim finally corrupts Dib into realizing that the human race really isn’t all that much worth saving, through the use of vanilla pudding, lockers, and meat.

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Saiyuki: "Storm Relief" Hakkai/Gojyo PG-13 Yaoi

Title: Storm Relief
Author: Tosca
Fandom: Saiyuki Gensomaden
Pairing: Hakkai/Gojyo
Rating: PG-13 Yaoi
Feedback: Always appreciated!
Disclaimer: All hail to Minekura Kazuya, long may she write! They belong to her. And Chinese legend (which at least is copyright free).
Note: Written for the "Subtle Love" challenge. POV of one of the most unsubtle characters in anime - laff! Sorry this is a bit late but I wrote it last Friday on my work PC, and couldn't post it til today.
Summary: Storms make Hakkai miserable. Gojyo hates Hakkai being miserable.

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