August 1st, 2004


Refuse : One Piece : PG-13 : Sanji-centric (genfic) : circa Baratie

Title: Refuse
Author: Kas (yosegaki)
Fandom: One Piece
Character: Sanji (Sorry. No pairing...It's genfic)
Rating: PG-13 for language
Word Count: 727
Disclaimer: One Piece is one piece I don't own.
Permission to Archive: temps_mort, all others please ask.
Notes: Sanji-centric piece, takes place on the Baratie. Written for the Word Power challenge (but also fits into the feet challenge) on temps_mort, and took 30 minutes to write. Another piece not written by hand first (*shock*).

I was only able to use 9 words as technology doesn't really fit into the world I'm writing from. I'm really rather proud of how I managed to get the other nine in there, and once I started this really just sort of wrote itself.

I laugh at you, three hour time limit. MWAHAHAHA.

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