July 14th, 2004

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Villian 2nd person challenge--Naruto fandom

Title: What a scene
Author: gelfling8604
Fandom: Naruto
Type: gen
Characters: Kakashi
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not my characters, not my series.
Challenge: Villian series--Man versus self.
A/N: Okay, it hit my mind the other night how Sasuke had left the village and everyone’s concentrating on how Naruto and Sakura feel all crappy and stuff, and wondering if Neji’s really alive or not, and just generally disliking Sasuke on basic principle. And then I got to wondering…how does Kakashi feel about all of it? I know he’s not mentioned anywhere—I don’t even think he knows what Sasuke has done yet. Anyway…that’s what this ficcy focuses on. Slightly angsty, a bit gritty, written in 31 minutes.

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That Smile : One Piece : Smoker/Ace, Smoker-->Rufi

Title: That Smile
Author: Makoto (yosegaki)
Fandom: One Piece
Type: hinted yaoi
Pairing: Smoker/Ace, Smoker-->Rufi
Rating: PG
Word Count:
Time: 20 minutes
Challenge: Adversaries
Disclaimer: One Piece belongs to Oda-sensei, and not to me. We love you, Odachi!
Notes: I was lying in bed this morning and all of the sudden, this just came to me. Yes, that's right. I climbed out of warm bed to write this.

You have to look a bit harder to find the implications in this one, but I think I did a good job of placing them in there.

Smoker is such a tortured soul... really.

I wasn't sure if he was really considered a villain, per say... certainly not in the traditional sense, but he does classify as an adversary to the main character, and therefore I wrote this about him.

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villain, 2nd pov// Love Me Instead // Akuma no Ororon PG-13

Title- Love Me Instead
Fandom-The Demon Ororon (a manga by Hakase Mizuki)
Rating- PG-13
Pairing- Othello x Mistume (shounen ai)
Challenge/Time taken- The Villain, about an hour.
Disclaimer- The Demon Ororon (or Akuma no Ororon) is a manga by Hakase Mizuki and so therefore all the characters and the world they live in are created by her, so they are hers. This is just a piece of fanfiction, no need to make some lawsuit hoot over it.
Notes- I’ve only read the two volumes that Tokyopop has already published, so the whole story is based on knowledge from those two volumes. And you don’t need to actually be familiar with the series to read this because at one point or another, I put in mini biographies of the two featured characters. :]

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muhah, I love the idea of Othello and Mitsume xD