July 12th, 2004


Prince of Tennis: Silent Night

Title: Silent Night
Author: yuki_scorpio
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Disclaimer: Prince of Tennis belongs to its copyright owners, not me.
Rating: G
Challenge: Christmas
Notes: Took about 40 minutes >_< and probably no one would know who it is. And it's not a "celebratory" sort of fic, so I'm not sure if this actually fits the challenge but ah well...

Silent Night

Perfect Eden : Trigun : Knives-->Vash

Title: Perfect Eden
Author: Kas (yosegaki)
Fandom: Trigun
Type: gen/yaoi (twincest)
Pairing: Knives---> Vash
Rating: R (for implications of incest, PG otherwise.)
Word Count: 442
Time: 30 minutes
Archiving: temps_mort, all others, please ask.
Disclaimer: Trigun and its characters do not belong to me, even though I like to take them an manipulate their emotions for my own nefarious purposes.
Notes: I decided to write Trigun, just to prove to myself that I still could...it's been awhile since I've done it...

This is in response to the Villain Challenge.

In case you missed it in the pairing, if you read this as a pairing fic, you’ll have to take incest into account. This takes a look into the more obsessive side of Knives’ nature, giving reason to his attacks on Vash and humanizing him—making him more than the pure villain the anime seems to suggest. There are some manga references herein, as well, and anyone who has followed the manga will pick up on them—Knives ‘assimilation’ ...technique, and a vague reference to Tessla.

I don’t really want to put any more than that above the cut, since saying any more would be spoileriffic.

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Requiem --> Yami no Matsuei --> Adversaries

Title: Requiem
Author: Casey (susukeru)
Fandom: Yami no Matsuei
Type: Implied yaoi (referenced from series)
Pairing/Characters: Muraki-centric, Muraki/Hisoka, Muraki/Tsuzuki, mention of Saki
Rating: PG-13 (for saftey due to implications :S)
Word Count: 582
Time: 15 minutes (yes, only fifteen)
Summary: Just a short peek into Muraki's train of thought . . . .
Disclaimer: Yami no Matsuei and its characters do not and have never belonged to me. God help us if they did. e___e;
Notes: Hey, this is my first submission to this. Hope it's up to standard. Second person is a lot harder to write than I thought it would be . . . this is my first attempt at it. I'm usually more of a third person writer . . . .

There are major spoilers in this, if you haven't seen Yami no Matsuei, from the Kyoto Arc. Just a warning. Also . . . this will make a lot more sense if you're familiar with the series because there are a lot of references to events that occur.

Oh, and any italicized text indicates thoughts.

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