July 2nd, 2004

Comfortable (Prince Of Tennis, PG, Gen)

Title: Comfortable
Author: DSM
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Type: Gen
Rating: PG
Pairings: Erm...well...lets just say its has Kamio and Jirou in it shall we.
Warnings: None...
Disclaimer: I don't own them...I just attempt to write about them without making a fool of myself.
Notes: For the "With Friends Like These" challenge. My first time posting on here. The challenge was given to me by aishuu who asked for: Kamio fic, but... give me crack. No pairing him with Tachibana, Momo, Shinji, An... or Atobe. And I want to see the major fukubuchou who's second in command, not the spazz... so no spazz attacks! I tried...and it hurt my brain!

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fahrenheit pretty man | by me

Cleaning Help | Petshop of Horrors | D/Leon | R

Title: Cleaning Help
Author: gabriellemb [x-posted to my fic journal, sukkaloota]
Fandom: Petshop of Horrors
Type: Yaoi in places. Humor?
Pairing: D/Leon
Rating: R for some profanities, pr0n and whatnot. Innuendo of the BL variety >)
Challenge: With Friends Like These - completed in about two hours. Written for pteek, who requested D/Leon in some other setting than D's petshop. I tried my best.
Disclaimer: PSoH belongs to Matsuri Akino, I'm just a fangirl.
Notes: My first PSoH fic -> the sucking factor and OOCness ish gureito!
Summary: When Leon has a day off, D is not far away.

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