June 15th, 2004

Broken Promises; Kaine; R

Title: Broken Promises

Author: rigel

Fandom: Kaori Yuki’s wonderful world of one shots, namely Kaine

Type: shonen ai

Rating: R would be going overboard, but better safe than sorry

Challenge: snapshots

Summary: based on the world of Kaine… sorta.

Disclaimer: The characters and over all general idea of this fanfiction belongs to
Kaori Yuki. They don’t belong to me at all. T_T

Notes: Um… to anyone who’s actually read Kaine before, its been months since I actually read the manga, so my details might be a little off. I improvised a lot in this, so there might be some things wrong and/or some things that never happened in the manga. I apologize for the fact that its not exact. And I think I misunderstood the concept of 'snapshots', but I still tried.

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