June 13th, 2004

  • aishuu

Snapshot/Transportation Challenges

Challenge One: Snapshots

luceage reminded me of one of my favorite styles of fanfic: The snapshot, for lack of better word.

Your challenge is to create a fic "photo album" of a character, event, or place through a series of "snapshots." This means a series of brief scenes that showcase a larger picture. Write a snapshot exploring Sanzo's character... or about the deaths in FY. Just find a connecting theme, and let each snapshot build to the whole picture.

You must write at least three snapshorts for the fic, but can have as many as you want. For each snapshot you include, add ten minutes to your limit. (Example: I write five snapshots: I have 50 minutes on the whole piece - I can use the time any way I want - doesn't have to be ten on each snapshot).

Challenge Two: Transportation
Write a story which takes place on a means of public transportation. Planes, trains, boats, bus, the metro, the tube, the Hogwarts Express, etc. etc. - are all acceptable.

You have 60 minutes.