June 9th, 2004

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Mort temp drabble fic

So That’s the Life (Naruto, G, kind of OroSasu)
Title: So That’s the Life
Author: gelfling
Fandom: Naruto
Type: Angst
Pairing: OroSasu, but no romance.
Rating: G
Challenge: Oxymoron, 58 minutes
Disclaimer: Standard Disclaimer Applies—niether characters nor series are mine, sadly enough.
Summary: Sasuke and Orochimaru have an angry-medium conversation about life, death, and people. No real groping, but hints of sex.
Notes: Crossposted at personal LJ gelfling8604, and at narutoyaoi. I use the example of ‘open secret’ for this one—hope that’s okay. There were a couple other oxymorons here and there (e.g. plain sophistication) to help balance it out. Er…this is my first time posting here, so I hope I did everything right.

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