June 7th, 2004

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Memorabilia | PLANETES | Yuri/Hachimaki | PG

Title: Memorabilia
Author: gabriellemb [x-posted to my fic journal, sukkaloota]
Fandom: PLANETES by Makoto Yukimura [the manga version, mind you]
Type: a splash of yaoi, but mostly just gen. Angst, meh pretties, angst!
Pairing: Yuri/Hachimaki, Hachimaki/Tanabe.
Rating: PG
Challenge: In the End - took about 60 minutes with editing.
Disclaimer: everything is the property of the gureito Makoto Yukimura. I am not worthy~
Notes: My second fic in this fandom 8D Nobody else still knows what the fluff Planetes is, right? XD Some spoilers as well. No real coherency, as it is 1 am around here.
Summary: For Yuri the past is everything.

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