June 6th, 2004

"Bitter Sweet" / Oxymoron / HikaGo / IsuWaya / PG

Title: "Bitter Sweet"
Author: Kageroh
Fandom: Hikaru no Go
Rating/Genre: PG, Shounen Ai
Challenge: Oxymoron, all 60 minutes
Disclaimer: Hikaru no Go is property of Hotta, Obata and Jump.
Notes: Tense schizophrenia, mis-characterization, out-and-out out-of-the-blue--in short this needs severe editing, but to be fair and stay within the time limits, I'll leave that for later.

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oh noes the 80s
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Pendulum (Hikaru no Go, G, AshiSae, sortof)

Title: Pendulum
Author: Erin Ellis
Fandom: Hikaru no Go
Challenge: Nostalgia
Time: 84 minutes + 8 editing/formatting (so... slow...)
Characters: Saeki Kouji + Ashiwara Hiroyuki
Rating: G or so
Disclaimer: Hikaru no Go is copyright Shueisha & Studio Pierrot, among others. Created by Hotta Yumi & Obata Takeshi.
Notes: Second-person perspective, comma abuse, plus incorrect/ineffective use of repetition as a literary device. In short, I am an English teacher's nightmare. (Sadly, I teach English.)

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Oxymoron/In the End

First Challenge: Oxymoron

Use an oxymoron. It was an open secret among the alchemists not the mention Ed's height.

It doesn't need to be the focus of the fic, but it needs to be included. You have 60 minutes.

Second Challenge: In the end

All things must end.

Fastforward. End your series if its still running (Examples: FMA, PoT, X). If your series is over, fastforword and give the characters a definite ending if they didn't have one. Speculate. Age your characters, think of where their lives have led them, who they married, if they remained together or not. You don't need to kill them, just write a future fic.

In other words, give the characters a sense of closure to something that faced them throughout your series.

90 minutes on the clock for this one.

Intangible, Yuugiou, Yami/Yuugi

Title: Intangible
Author: postingwhore
Fandom: Yuugiou
Pairing: Yami/Yuugi
Summary: Yuugi misses Yami.
Rating: PG
Genre: General
Disclaimer: I=lowly fangirl.
Notes: For temps_mort's nostalgia challenge in 15 minutes. I had this written at about 4am this morning, but I haven't been able to access a computer until now.

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It Can Turn You Blind (Saiyuki, G, not really Sanzo/Goku)

Title: It Can Turn You Blind
Author: EvilStorm
Fandom: Saiyuki
Type: Gen
Pairing: Mildly SanzoGoku, not really though.
Rating: G
Challenge: Nostalgia--Heroes/2nd POV, 80 minutes
Disclaimer: *does the Not-Mine-Don't-Sue dance*
Summary: Goku watches Sanzo late at night.
Notes: Yeh, I still suck at Saiyuki!fic. So I'm getting all the practice I can, usual C&C much appreciated. Cookies to whoever can tell me where the title comes from, and you can all get your minds out of the gutter now. If I feel like it I'll listen to Zansetsu and do a companion piece, but that depends.

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Snapshots (Prince of Tennis, PG, yaoi)

Title: Snapshots
Author: Luce
Challenge: In The End
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Type: yaoi
Pairing/Characters: Oishi/Kikumaru, Tezuka/Fuji, Seigaku
Rating: PG
Summary: Everything comes to an end.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, for I am poor.
Notes: The challenge said I didn't need to kill them, and being the morbid person I am, I did. Warnings for major character deaths. Angst. Some lightness. First Tenipuri fic. Construtive criticism greatly appreciated and will be awarded with biscuits.

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Fortitude [Saiyuki, PG, Gen]

Title: Fortitude
Author: Zansetsu
Challenge: Hero
Fandom: Saiyuki
Genre: General
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I do not own Saiyuki. Minekura-sama does.
Time Taken: 90 minutes.
Notes: Because I really to do a Sanzo character study. Companion piece to Evilstorm's post if you want to look at it that way. Terry Pratchett references. *does merry dance* Oh yah, I'll appreciate anyone who can help erm unscrew correct the screwed tense changes.

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