June 1st, 2004


Windbeat (GW, PG, yaoi, 5>2)

Title: Windbeat
Author: gpiiretu
Fandom: Gundam Wing, the true Nostalgia fandom
Type: unrequited/unknown shounen ai
Pairing: 5>2 (Or is it 5+2 when it's unrequited? I dunno.)
Rating: PG for a touch of gore.
Summary: Wufei POV, unconventional to say the least.
Disclaimer: Gundam Wing and all related mumbo-jumbo does not, I repeat, DOES NOT belong to me. I make-a no money, make-a no claims, make-a nothing but hot air.
Notes: Inaugural post. I'm okay-satisfied with this thing. Somewhere around a thousand words, about forty-five minutes.

And apologies for all the "buts". I just realized typing it how many there really are. :\

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